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Soul seed theme

The seed horoscope of an individual indicates the karmic causes of his current incarnation and life. It must be interpreted in comparison with the natal chart.

To see the karmic interactions between two individuals, one must compare the seed horoscope of one of the individuals with the natal chart of the other one and vice versa.

Interpretation elements, as a guideline and very simplistic, to give some elements to the intuitive persons. (A purely mental access to the question is not desirable and is probably doomed to failure):

Meaning of the aspects

  • Opposition: The planet having the highest ida (see below) uses the other one.
  • Inconjunct: The planet having the highest ida influences the other one but this one doesn't notice this.
  • Trine: Rivalry between the two planets (that recognize each other); mutual emulation.
  • Square: The planet having the lowest ida gives way to the other one.
  • Sextile: The two planets go into partnership.
  • Semi-sextile: Complicity between the two planets thanks to a third one (planet of a third person).
  • Conjunction: Fusion of the two planets becoming indistinct (the two expressions work together).

Meaning of the houses

  • I: The reached status during the previous life.
  • II: What of our problems we encouraged or forced others to take on; what we couldn't take on ourselves.
  • III: What or who we lost or missed; the things or the beings events or others deprived us; events that where lived by our close relatives or friends.
  • IV: What we didn't perceived (but that influenced us); how we were shamefully unaware.
  • V: What ended.
  • VI: The habits we took; what was repetitive or recurrent.
  • VII: What we used; people we used; what or who we relied on.
  • VIII: Positions of power we enjoyed or received (thanks to supports or to action while staying behind the scenes).
  • IX: The things we freed ourselves from; what we were able to pass.
  • X: Cultural domain in which we were (for example artistic environment).
  • XI: The sphere of influence we touched.
  • XII: The real role we played; what we really gave to the environment.

Meaning of the order number of the planets

(the seven traditional planets in order, taken from the Sun before 30 years old but from Ascendant after).

  • 1: Planet of the illusion; what gives us the impression of being real; believes that were not reappraised or reassessed.
  • 2: Unconscious; what we couldn't manage to see about ourselves (this engenders conflicts and contradictions).
  • 3: Fully developed competencies or aptitudes.
  • 4: What or who we can further, help or serve; to what or who we can be very helpful.
  • 5: The needs our presence creates among others; competence for discovering a need or something else in somebody.
  • 6: Karma; the thing that will compel us during our whole life.
  • 7: What is taking place; what can save us from some critical situations; planet of opportunities against limitations.

Ida and Pingala


Absolute value of (Relative distance between Planet and Sun) minus 90°, translated on each side of the planet on the zodiac.

Example: Sun at 260° and Saturn at 95° give a Saturnian ida equal to (260°-95°)-90°=75° on each side of Saturn.

But we also possibly do a modification of the result according to:

idaping.gif (6696 bytes)


Revolution period of the planet that is before the considered one (in systemic order: Mercury, Venus, Sun (for Earth), Mars...)

= Angular distance covered by the considered planet.

Example: the pingala of Jupiter is about 60° because Jupiter covers about 60° in two years (the revolution period of Mars).

Virtual pingala

Angular distance between the considered planet and the next one in the zodiacal order.