StarLogin 8


StarLogin 8 is a professional astrology software including in particular:

  • Several astronomical features;
  • An agenda to organize appointments and reminders;
  • A customer and consultation management;
  • Search functions, data processing and statistics;
  • Display, saving and printing of various types of results
    (calculations, statistical treatment of data, charts) ...
  • The determination of many types of astrological charts and their combination or comparison;
  • The choice of many house systems and various coordinate systems;
  • Recovery of astrological events created in StarLogin 7;
  • Color configuration of windows (except the white background of the main window) and their various components;
  • Various tools.

StarLogin 8 runs on Apple ® system (from Mac OS X 10.7+) and Windows® (from Windows® XP). You could probably also run it on Linux and other systems, since it was developped in Java®. However, it has only been tested on Mac OS X and Windows 7®.

To function correctly StarLogin 8 requires the following minimum configuration:
Screen resolution 1024 by 748;
200 MB free hard disk space;
Oracle® Java® (version 1.7 or later) installed on the system (see
two-button mouse (or mouse Apple® configured to allow right-click);

However, to take greater advantage of the software, the following configuration is recommended:
Screen resolution of at least 1600 by 1000;
empty 4GB memory;
400 MB free hard disk space;
Java® version 1.7 (download and install the latest version if necessary).


StarLogin 8 - Freeware.
by Joseph STROBERG = François DESCHAMPS.

The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright laws and international treaties on copyright and intellectual property rights.
The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed as free use and distribution.

This LICENSE grants you the following rights:
You may install and use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on several computers.
*Storage and reproduction:
You may make backup copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, and distribute it freely.
*Included libraries (in "lib" directory):
You may freely use them.