StarLogin 8


With Apple® Mac OS X

  • Unzip the archive.
  • Open the starlogin8 directory from the archive.
  • Double-click on Starlogin8.jar to launch the application.
  • When StarLogin 8 first starts, the starlog.ttf font file present in the starlogin8 directory should be installed
    automatically. Otherwise, simply install it manually.
  • After manual or automatic installation of the font, restart the application so that it will be properly activated.

With Windows® XP, 7...

  • Unzip the archive.
  • Open the starlogin8 directory from the archive.
  • Manually install the starlog.ttf font file present in the starlogin8 directory (by right-clicking on the name of starlog.ttf file, then clicking on the context menu to install the font, or different procedures depending on the system. E.g. it may be necessary to copy starlog.ttf in the c:\windows\fonts directory for fonts, and maybe in some cases also activate the police by double-clicking on its name in this directory).
  • If wanted, create a shortcut of starlogin.jar and place it on the desktop (you can use one of the two ico files that are in starlogin8 directory).
  • Launch the application by double-clicking starlogin.jar or its shortcut.

Recovering data from StarLogin 7 or StarLogin 7.1

Click on the Tools and configuration button of the main window to display the following one:

A click on the H button opens the window to import data from StarLogin 7 (or 7.1):

In zone A are 6 types of data that can be imported. By default, all the boxes are checked. If you want to only import the astrological events you deselect all the boxes except the one for events.

Note that the procedure imports only the data created by the user in StarLogin 7 and not those initially present in the application, this in order to avoid duplicates.

Click on the B button to import the data. The routine will search in all available drives to locate the old database (that of StarLogin 7 or 7.1) and then perform the import of selected tables of data. This import can only be done once and the H button on the Tools window will then become invisible.

First use

At first use, a small window opens asking for the language to select for the software (between English and French), and the favorite format for the date and the time. These basic choices can be changed later from the Tools and configuration window.

Note that the French version does not use the same database as the English one. Accordingly, an event created when the display language is French will not be there if the language is then switched to English.