StarLogin 8

Apache Derby database

StarLogin 8 includes an Apache Derby database. This one allows to manage in a reliable and efficient way the various data included as well as those created by the user: astrological events, contacts, appointments, stars, comets, asteroids, etc.

From the Tools and configuration window, you can simply make a backup of the database. It is automatically stored in a file like placed in the application directory. the file is named according to the date and time. In the example, the backup was made May 7, 2013 (2013-05-07) at 17:29:57 (172957).

To make a backup of the database, simply click on the button F.

To restore the database from one of his backups, StarLogin 8 must not be launched:

  1. go to the starlog8 directory that is in the application directory;
  2. delete or rename the seg0 subdirectory;
  3. create a new subdirectory seg0;
  4. delete or move the files from the log subdirectory (which are of ctrl or dat kind);
  5. unpack the wanted zip archive backup;
  6. move or copy all the files (of type dat) it contains to place them into the subdirectory seg0;
  7. re launch StarLogin 8.