StarLogin 8

Sky charts

The button Sky charts in the main window enables to open the following one:

The display options are divided into the following groups:

  • chart kind;
  • coordinates cystem;
  • houses system;
  • chart look;
  • planets;
  • aspects;
  • orbs.

They repeat the choices defined by default in the window for options configuration.

Tabs option groups (listed above).
Selection option of a single chart to be determined.
Option of selecting multiple charts.
Button to select all kinds of charts.
Types of selectable charts.
Button to display the selected charts in E.
Button to display a previously saved chart.
Option of reading the last saved chart or a saved one.

A click on the G button displays the following window:

  • A : list of saved charts (here only two are saved).
  • B : selected chart from the list A (in blue).
  • C : right-click on a chart of the list brings up a context menu giving the option to remove it from the list A.

Selecting at least one chart in one of the two ways (F button in the window of charts choice with selected ones in E, or G button in this same window and eventually choice of a stored chart in the A list above) opens the window to display a chart:

Button to open the window to change the display options of the chart (similar to tabs coordinate system, house system, etc.. in the window for Charts choice).
Button to print the chart.
Save the chart for later display without having to redefine it in particular from the events window.
Zoom display.
Access to tables of data from the chart (aspects values, etc.).
Document helping to interpret the chart (if it is an astrological one).
Determination of planetary configurations (whose names will be displayed at the bottom of the description P).
Button to calculate and display the chart corresponding to the date of the considered event less the time mentioned in I (here it would be the chart an hour before the one of the initial event). If you click a second time, the difference is twice as long as mentioned in I (here, it would the chart two hours before the event in question).
Value of the time lag to display a new chart from one of the buttons H or J.
Same as in H, but for a date after the event in question.
Button to animate the drawing of the chart prepared from H or J and the value given in I.
Number of harmonics to be considered to establish a harmonic chart of the current one. Note that establishing a new harmonic on a chart indicating already a given harmonic multiplies the result by the new harmonic value. Thus, if the new harmonic value is 5 after a first harmonic one being 3, the resulting harmonic chart will be that of a harmonic 15 (3x5).
Selecting the type name of planetary mastery.
Selecting mastery in sign and/or in house.
Button to determine the mastery as selected in the lists M and N.
Description of the chart.
Sky chart.
Summary Table of visible aspects in the chart.