The Soul of a Nation

Knowing that a nation is a human group sharing the same culture, the same history and the same language, we can consider that this group is also united by a common conscience or soul. Even if geopolitical, military, or economic events are at the origin of the formation of a nation, it eventually also develops a kind of soul, as well as for old houses occupied by several generations of individuals. From such a point, the outside can try to destroy the nation or the families occupying the house, but the soul remains. This was particularly illustrated in the case of the Polish nation which has undergone three successive partitions, the third partition having led in 1795 to its dismantling for the benefit of Russia, Prussia and Austria.

From October 24, 1795, Poland no longer existed as a state nor as a geographical entity and its nation was divided into three pieces of similar importance. However, the Polish soul has survived, thanks to several artists, including the romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz . He is considered by some to have embodied the Polish soul and to have been a guide for Poles in exile.

The history of Poland tends to show that a nation goes beyond political and geographical boundaries and can survive culturally and spiritually thanks especially to its artists and thinkers, despite all the aggression. If Poland died a second time, this during the Second World War for the benefit of Germany and Russia, it reincarnated afterwards and its new personality is still inhabited by the same soul.

Today, liberal and globalist global elites plan the completion of the New World Order by the disintegration of nations in favor of large “regional” entities, artificial unions roughly corresponding to the continental masses, such as the European Union. To this end, they have in particular stimulated large movements of immigration from Third World nations, destabilizing them by war (Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.). They also impose economic policies of austerity while recovering the financial windfall from the working masses. They finance and stimulate terrorism. They organize false “colored” revolutions. They practice the allegedly “humanitarian” interference. Etc.

Even if the New World Order manages to erase nations from the face of the Earth, their souls will survive. These can be reincarnated after the disappearance of the latter, even in the absence of state structures and governments. The conscience, the soul, survives the death of the forms it inhabits. Facing the coercive and financial power of the world’s elites, it is vain and useless to fight against the disappearance of nations. This one is likely to occur despite all the desperate attempts of the peoples or rather of some of their members. Globalization is running irresistibly. From a certain point of view, it began at the time of the French Revolution.

If the physical immortality of a human body and a nation is impossible, then it is the same for the New World Order. This one will have an end and it will be so much faster as the soul of the nations will remain strong and alive in the minds of men. It will be as much faster as they themselves have prepared the next world in consciousness. It is now much more important to deal with the preparation of the future than to preserve the nations and forms of the past.

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