The fly on Pence’s head was not real, but virtual

The fly on Pence’s head was not real, but virtual

Mr. Pence was talking, with the utmost seriousness, of the case of law enforcement in the country when the famous fly landed on his head, just as he said the words “it is a great insult”. Stoic, the politician continued to speak without interrupting himself or making the slightest move to chase away the unwelcome insect.

[automatic translation from] Le Journal de Montréal

There is no low the left won’t sink to, including graphically pasting a fly on Pence and I HAVE PROOF.

Look what domain got registered 20 minutes before the fly landed on Pence:
The fly landed on Pence at 2:43 AM UTC.
The domain was registered at 2:23 AM UTC.

Look – it was registered FROM Washington DC.
Someone knew that fly was going to happen.
Some are saying the fly was a drone because of this, but I just think it was a graphics trick.

[Note : If it had been a miniature drone, Pence would have reacted to its presence.]

That fly was exactly the same thing as news reports about mass shootings being released before the shooting, or building 7 announced collapsed on the BBC before they blew it up [during the the attacks of September 11, 2001], someone knew that fly graphic was going to happen, so they registered that domain. Now, rather than talk about how Pence booted Kamala into the gutter, it’s all about the fly.

Jim Stone
Freelance Journalist
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