The End Of Political Parties

The End Of Political Parties

For elites who wish to be able to control the popular masses better and better, the best system is one that gives these masses the illusion of freedom, but actually offers the constraint. The latter is called “Democracy” which in theory means a form of government assumed by the people themselves, and therefore implies that the people are sovereign. In practice, the existence of political parties at the center of an electoral process is the main obstacle to the sovereignty of peoples.

In all modern democracies, to have a reasonable chance of being elected, an individual must belong to a political party or at least have been propelled by it at some point in his political career. Making oneself known through the institutionalized and dominant media, especially television, is expensive and even very expensive. And only members of the elite and political parties can afford the costs of a campaign for an election. The common people are automatically excluded, at least for the main issues (presidential and parliamentary), because it is sometimes possible for Mr. or Mrs. Lambda to be elected mayor in a small village without being a “notable”, one of the richest inhabitants

The existence of political parties also makes it easier to control opinions, ideological currents and ideas, to retain only the politically correct ones, those who are not likely to fundamentally change the system. Candidates within a party must in principle respect the “line” and deviate as little as possible. Otherwise, they are quickly called to order or outright excluded, depending on the severity of the deviance

The parties themselves are in turn controlled by those who finance them or by those who created them. In either case, it is rare for this control to be exercised by ordinary people, but it is much more common that it is ultimately the prerogative of members of the elite. The existence of political parties thus represents the double advantage of excluding the masses from the decision-making levels and of forcing them to align themselves with the currents of ideas, ideologies and opinions desired by the ruling caste

A New World in which peoples and individuals will be sovereign will not be able to emerge as long as political parties exist. True individual and collective sovereignty (of the various human groups) cannot take place as long as it is handed over to political parties or so-called representatives. The latter most often represent only themselves or the elites, but rarely work for the people. The great mass of laws passed in recent decades in most nations has only reduced more or less drastically freedoms, under the pretext of security or repayment of debt

Yet, does Humanity really need political parties, representatives, and even governments to live? Did our distant ancestors, hunter-gatherers, have these kinds of so-called civilizational advantages? Were they all the more unhappy? And above all, were they less free? Oh! of course, they were very likely more insecure, in danger and uncomfortable. Of course and indeed, because real freedom is incompatible with material security. The more a human being tries to protect himself, by armor, shells, innumerable laws, thick walls … and the more he or she is imprisoned. The more complex an artificial system such as ours is, the more it reduces autonomy and sovereignty

A living system is healthy only when it lives in synergy, in its components as well as in its environment. When it is parasitized, it decays. For centuries, humanity has been parasitized by an elitist caste that aspires its creative power and vitality for its own benefit. When allowed to do so, the parasites eventually kill their host. To get rid of parasites, a body must have a good immune system. And for it to be strong, the body itself must be healthy

To become healthy again, Humanity will have to get closer to nature and abandon the concrete, paved, polluting and destructive urban life of the environment. It will have to give up wars and all that feeds its parasites. It will have to let everything rot that serves the parasite in its control or invasion strategies, including political parties

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