The comments

In a society or a group, individual freedom cannot function properly without sufficient responsibility by everybody, because the goals of the different members may run counter to each other. Without responsibility, chaos sets in. This also applies in the particular case of the expression.

Responsibility implies the ability to consider the consequences of our actions and of the words we use. If these are offensive, for example, they can cause negative reactions from those who receive them, such as anger, hatred, the desire for revenge, depression, pain, suffering …

If we want to build a New World that looks more like heaven than hell, each of us must make the effort to be responsible in our actions, writings and words.

On this blog, freedom of expression in comments remains full as long as it is accompanied by responsibility. The following types of comments, among others, do not demonstrate a sense of responsibility and will be eliminated: insults, hate speech, judgment (of participants or authors of articles), advertising, messages that are not related to the subject of the article.

When we do not share the points of view of another person or if we do not appreciate what we perceive (rightly or wrongly) about his / her behavior, intentions or approach, we can very well let him / her know without insulting him / her, but with respect and temperance.