The art of complicating life

The art of complicating life

Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.
Thor Heyerdahl

Since the invention of agriculture, humanity has embarked on a process of increasing complexity of its existence. Starting from nomadic, semi-sedentary or scattered rural societies, it began to build more and more populated cities, until arriving at modern megacities (see also The Cities are the Cancer of the Earth). At the same time, driven by the instinct of survival, then by greed, it has created more and more extensive empires and is currently trying to achieve one on a global scale, the New World Order (see also The Enslavement of Peoples Through the Control of Resources).

An empire is not necessarily led by an “emperor”, but can be driven by a central authority through a system or hierarchy of control more or less visible or otherwise highly opaque. And the top is not necessarily monocephalous, but may be a group of individuals or a particular caste. A headless empire quickly becomes dysfunctional and soon collapses, like a decapitated man. On the basis of such an observation, an everlasting empire should find a way to make it impossible to decapitate. It might either pretend that it is not an empire, or make its head invisible.

The New World Order is about to achieve a double feat of strength. Not only does it move into disguise, under cover of the generalization of an alleged “democracy” (theoretically implying the sovereignty of peoples), but in addition the true ruling caste (the one that holds the ultimate material resource – money) remains relatively unknown to the mass of human beings. They do not know who are the main shareholders of banks and multinationals (including those of communication and media). It is these shareholders who ultimately lead the political processes and choose the puppets that will be presented to the public as political candidates.

Candidates who self-promote and are truly independent of the System have virtually no chance of breaking through. Even if one of them would miraculously be elected president of a country, he would then be confronted with other nations, the mainstream media, a significant part of the alternative media, multinationals and the central bank of his own nation … Does an individual at least partially dependent on such a control system have the slightest possibility of changing or destroying it from within?

Humanity has managed to build a civilization so complex that we can say that it has in fact discovered a new form of art, that of complicating life! Indeed, everything is so intertwined and interdependent that it has become almost impossible, or at least very difficult, for a given individual to live outside the System. And within it, the main freedom of action that remains to him is to consume in order to make the machine work (see The Bureaucracy Against Freedom). To leave the System requires a lot of courage and sacrifice. We must be ready to give up modern comfort, material and financial security, the vast majority of our relations, and even our reputation. And going out of the New World Order will probably ask Humanity for similar sacrifices. (See also The Major Challenge Of Our Time).

The caste that promotes the New World Order probably thinks that game is over, because this Control System (including Mind-Control) is now so advanced that it sees badly how its finalization could be prevented. And indeed, the common man has virtually no way to hinder it. It is also quite possible that knowing the achieved New World Order is part of the destiny of humanity. Can we really know the meaning of Liberty without also experiencing to the cellular level the meaning of slavery?

There is, however, one detail that the controlling caste seems unable to contemplate, recognize, or conceive: an organism, as sophisticated as it may be, may experience other forms of death than decapitation. And the more complex it is, just like our civilization, the more it has different ways of dying! It can be poisoned and, from this point of view, an adequate idea can be a poison. It can die of hunger, and to help it in this way, to stop feeding it is enough. (See Stop Feeding the Beast). The Consciousness could simply withdraw completely, and a body without a soul becomes comatose. It cannot survive without medical assistance. Or its corruption could become so important and visible that gangrene would take away the whole body. The cancer could affect an organ, like the American debt, then become widespread. Etc.

The New World Order, even if it is 100% complete, will eventually die, if only for old age (see The law of degradation or increase of disorder and chaos). Humanity will then probably return to a much simpler way of life, and closer to nature, following the law of cycles and alternations. The question that remains then is to know what will be the survival duration of this Control System before its inevitable end and in what form this will intervene. Will it be similar to the collapse of past empires? Or will a new element come, propelling Consciousness to a new level on the scale of evolution?

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