Taking Control of our Health

Taking Control of our Health

In the face of the disease, one can adopt at least two different approaches. The first is to see it as a calamity, a misfortune that falls on us, and often therefore something that we will seek to fight and overcome. Fear then often directs both the eventual healing process and the vision of the disease. And when it does, it tends to delay the recovery of health and balance.

The second one conceives the disease as the result of causes caused essentially by the patient himself, including in the case of diseases for which bacteria, viruses or microscopic fungi are involved, whether they are considered contagious or not. These causes may include:

  • mental ones, such as spending time brooding black, pessimistic or negative ideas, or indulging in a negative image of oneself;
  • emotional, by repression or on the contrary by the excess of certain emotions during a more or less long period;
  • vital, especially for lack of rest and sleep, or overwork;
  • and physical, through poor nutrition, poisoning, overexposure to certain environmental factors (sun, pulsed electromagnetic waves, humidity, cold, etc.), lack of exercise …

In the first case, patients or future patients most often rely on the conventional medical system and what it implies (including the use of drugs derived from petrochemistry and often invasive analyzes or treatments).

In the second case, the patients tend to take their health in hand, this:

  • by resorting to a healthy and balanced diet (if possible biological),
  • by putting themselves in condition to obtain a recuperative sleep,
  • by practicing exercises or a physical activity sufficiently and moderately,
  • by avoiding stress (which can be achieved by a philosophy of life and / or religious faith that allows them to maintain a certain inner balance in most circumstances).

The first approach is reactive, waiting for symptoms before performing any restorative actions, but most often tackling the symptoms themselves rather than the causes.

The second is proactive, based on prevention and on research of the root causes of the disease, noticing infectious agents as revealing an unbalanced terrain that needs to be re-harmonized.

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