The Mask Revolution

Who could have guessed that the Floyd protest was the best Coronavirus vaccine? The same people that warned us that the virus is the deadliest plague and staying-at-home is the only escape, now commanded us to march amongst throngs, shoulder-to-shoulder against police! It appears they have the dreadful pandemic under their command, on tap: now it’s coming, now it’s not. Not every demo has the same curative potential: it is very dangerous to demonstrate against lockdown, but it is perfectly safe to demonstrate against police, they say. Continue Reading


Notre-Dame de Paris Fire and the War on Beauty

The burning of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris should be seen as an act of war by the state on the Church. We do not need proof. 200 years of Free Masonic war on the Church in France is enough to justify our suspicion.
When false flags were waved a few years ago, everyone was posting memes on social media with “Pray for Paris”. Where are the prayers now? The great Catholic theologian Urs Von Balthasar once said that men who would forget the sense of beauty would forget how to pray and eventually forget how to love. Notre-Dame was a testimony to the truth of the church. Its majesty mocked man’s scepticism. It was difficult even for an unbelieving man to enter it without a sense of awe; without feeling a certain…. revulsion at humanist pride.
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Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel

Author: Dean Henderson Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel I deleted my Facebook account last week. Jill followed suit yesterday. The damage done to society by this Zuckerberg Mossad psyop can not even be measured. What passes for social media is in fact a methodology developed by the Illuminati banksters to tear long-existing social structures apart. Through social media and the internet our privacy has been annihilated, our real friendships compromised and our authenticity sacrificed at the alter of the borg/hive mentality. Two camps full of idiots have been penned up by the Luciferian herders. There are those who… Continue Reading


Étienne Chouard: “The Constituent Yellow Vests appeal to all humanity.”

Étienne Chouard: “The Constituent Yellow Vests appeal to all humanity.” Etienne Chouard. DR. Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In your very powerful manifesto book « Nous ne sommes pas en démocratie!” (We are not in a democracy!), you make a relevant observation. Is it not rather a plutocracy? Étienne Chouard:  Yes, absolutely. We have been in the plutocracy for two hundred years since the revolutions of England, America, France, since the advent of the representative government which designates the political players by the procedure of the election among candidates that one can help. This procedure, since one can help, gives all the… Continue Reading


Note on the Resignation of Macron

The article “Macron Resigns” shows how users of social networks tend to consume information, and even more, often only that which reinforces their beliefs, without seeking or verifying its veracity or deepening by additional research and reflection on the topics covered. In the era of fast food and ephemeral fashions, the phenomenon is not really surprising. Even particularly exceptional or dramatic “news” will be forgotten after a few days or weeks, even if they are broadcast repeatedly for several hours or days by the mainstream media. People absorb emotion without much effort, since it is enough for them to slouch… Continue Reading


Harmful effects of pulsed waves (Wi-Fi, cell phones, smart meters …)

In parallel with the exponential growth of mobile telephony and the use of Wi-Fi, medicine is also seeing such growth in various health problems. It remains to be determined with sufficient probity whether there is a cause and effect relationship between the two. Such a link has already been suspected for several decades. And it will be up to everyone to choose whether they prefer to continue using or not using such technologies. Those working for the big business of telecommunication and computer science generally refuse to admit the slightest negative effect of pulsed electromagnetic waves and microwaves on the… Continue Reading


Human Relations

Nowadays, concrete human relations tend to be replaced by virtual relationships in which we often ignore the real identity of the interlocutors. The so-called “social” networks replace proximity relations. At the same time, we ignore more and more our neighbors even if we live in the same block, the same building or the house next door. On the Internet, relational links have greatly increased, but at the same time their quality has deteriorated. It cannot be otherwise, because each human being has a certain relational potential. It can be compared to a volume of water, for example the contents of… Continue Reading


Accept or Reject the Implant

It is no longer possible to claim that the existence of the subcutaneous RFID implant is only imaginary or conspiracy . With the rapid advancement of technology, especially computing and electronics, this implant contains a unique individual identifier. It can be detected remotely by its emission of pulsed electromagnetic waves. It has several functions that will lead to the replacement of passports, driver’s licenses, identity cards, credit cards, bank checks, electronic wallets, health insurance cards, etc. It is also used incidentally… Continue Reading