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Venezuela, Gangsters Return to Assault Democracy

Venezuela, Gangsters Return to Assault Democracy Author: ALEX ANFRUNS Venezuela is today facing great danger of war, chaos and destruction, with the active participation of the US, the EU and Colombia. These countries have economic interests and use a sector of the Venezuelan opposition to make believe that a “parallel government” exists. In fact, their strongest bet has always been coup d’état. Let’s remember a few things. After winning a majority in the December 2015 legislative elections, the Venezuelan right wing defended a “Law of Amnesty and National Reconciliation”. The objective was not to free so-called “political prisoners”, but rather the people mainly responsible for the 2014 coup operation known as “La Salida”. A certain sector of the Venezuelan opposition took part in the dialogue table without dialogue ever being their intention. This led to misunderstanding on the part of international mediators, such as former Spanish President Rodríguez Zapatero. Already in 2017, after their failed attempt to provoke a coup amidst violent street actions, the opposition announced their “parallel government” plan. Fatal illusion. Trump wants to destroy ALBA, a system in which cooperation based on human needs takes precedence over the law of the wild market. Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are obstacles…

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Étienne Chouard: “The Constituent Yellow Vests appeal to all humanity.”

Étienne Chouard: “The Constituent Yellow Vests appeal to all humanity.” Etienne Chouard. DR. Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In your very powerful manifesto book « Nous ne sommes pas en démocratie!” (We are not in a democracy!), you make a relevant observation. Is it not rather a plutocracy? Étienne Chouard:  Yes, absolutely. We have been in the plutocracy for two hundred years since the revolutions of England, America, France, since the advent of the representative government which designates the political players by the procedure of the election among candidates that one can help. This procedure, since one can help, gives all the power – because when one win the elections, one exercise all the power during the mandate – to those who have the most resources to help, that is, the richest. What do you mean by « help »? Helping by buying the newspapers that will show the candidates, very often and in a flattering light, helping by buying the TV channels and the media that will talk about them. It is interesting to note the exact concordance between the curves of the figures of television appearances and the elections figures. In fact, the curves are identical. The two parties where these curves are not quite…

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Will the CIR be Enough?

The Yellow Vests movement put forward the notion of the Citizen Initiative Referendum (or CIR for short). Many French people are now polarizing in the hope that by obtaining such a crumb of bread, their hunger for social, professional or civilizational change will be satisfied. Can this be the case? Modern history, for more than a century, tends to show that all the so-called changes, including the social and political measures taken in France in the aftermath of the Second World War, only maintain the Humanity in the System and in the direction that will see the completion of the New World Order. In particular, they will always maintain hierarchies of control at the top of which will always rule and crack elites. From this point of view, even getting the CIR (as in Switzerland and Italy) will not change much in French life. Those who define the rules of the game, change them as needed along the way, and finally cheat for victory, are still the same globalist and materialistic elites. They may very well concede the CIR, because it will only add a layer to the illusion of freedom in which the "citizens" of the nations live (see…

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