Tag : Entropy

Life and Death of Systems

Considering as a system any organized set of elements that evolves following one or more laws, entities as diverse as human beings, empires or planets are then systems. Here we posit as a principle or axiom that any system combines a material or substantial dimension of a more or less tangible nature and a subtle […]

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Note on the Breath of Humanity

Like an individual, Humanity “breathes”. It alternates phases of inspiration and expiration. As a collective organism, it does not breathe air, but consciousness. In a phase of inspiration, society is reborn, evolves, and organizes itself in more and more complex forms. Particularly inspired individuals and groups create masterpieces, some of which can span the centuries. […]

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The Collapse of Materialistic Science

Modern science emerged approximately at the time of the French Revolution, more than two centuries ago. Since then, Humanity has embarked on a race for technological “progress” which is directly derived from it and which remains closely associated with it. A quick overview will determine whether the exponential scientific and technological progress has or has […]

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