StarLogin 8

StarLogin 8


StarLogin 8 is a free astrology software
running on Windows, Apple or Linux.


Important note:
to work, the software requires the presence of Java 7 ( on the system.

To see the astrological symbols (eg in astrological charts), you need to manually install the StarLogin font from the Starlog.ttf file includes in the zip file.)

The application has no certificate and may need to temporarily change the access rights to enable its launching
(in the the security parameters of the system).

1 – Download StarLogin 8

StarLogin 8 (FR-EN)
Apple® OS Leopard, Lion…
Windows® 7+
(52 Mb)

French or English version
(Not fully tested under Linux)

2 – Extract the files

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file,
  • move or copy it to the wanted place,
  • setup the starlog.ttf font
  • and double-click on starlogin.jar to launch the application.)

3 – Shortcut or alias

Use the icon file (according to the Windows® or Apple® system) to create the shortcut or alias of StarLogin.jar.
For Linux, launch the application from

In case of bugs

You can contact the author to report any bug or possible malfunction of the software.

Help of the software

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