The sovereignty of a state is the supreme power it has to have exclusive jurisdiction over its territory and to be independent at the international level. By extension and analogy, the sovereignty of an individual is the supreme power he has to have exclusive jurisdiction over his body and personality, and to enjoy relational and social independence if he wishes. Intermediary, the sovereignty of a given group of human beings is the supreme power it has to have exclusive jurisdiction over the territory it inhabits and to be independent of other groups, located in other areas or places.

However, a difficulty can arise if groups based on different criteria mingle in one place. Should one group have priority over others in the same territory? We can also ask the question for an individual: should he have a priority over others? Under what pretexts and justifications?

In the human body, the brain seems to have a priority, at least decision-making power over other organs and components. However, if it abuses this power, or its freedom more or less irresponsibly, or even knowingly, he increases more or less strongly its chances of obtaining adverse consequences for the body in general. The body can burn itself, have a fatal accident, lose a lot of blood after an injury, have indigestion, poison, or become sick …

To significantly reduce the probability of harmful consequences for health and for the state of the body, the brain gains to cooperate with other organs, to maintain a certain harmony between them, to make them meet a favorable and nutritious environment, etc. Likewise, an individual, a group or a sovereign state gains to cooperate with others, to maintain a certain harmony between them, to make them meet a favorable and nutritive environment on all the planes, from the most material to the most spiritual.

Individual and collective sovereignty is truly functional only when it is accompanied by a concern for harmonization and cooperation between the various protagonists, if none of them abuses his power or his freedom at the expense of others, if the common benefit is sought …

An individual or a sovereign group may freely decide to temporarily grant priority power to other individuals or groups, for example to carry out a collective project which he admits he does not have the capacity to carry out alone. Apart from such a situation of free choice, a power imposed primarily by force, cunning or coercion usually leads only to situations of crisis, friction, violence or chaos.

If humanity seeks a state of harmony and peace, then it must prioritize the recognition of the fundamental sovereignty of all individuals and all groups and the search for cooperation between them. In other words, it is every human being who must work in this direction, above all on himself. Tyranny only brings “loser-loser” situations when cooperation, sharing and harmonious exchanges lead to “win-win” situations.

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