RFID Microchips

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Implanted RFID-Chips: Mainstream press starting large-scale campaign

“Now the chipped are coming!” headlined the BLICK, a Swiss newspaper, on their front page on May 14, 2018. The first three pages of the tabloid equaled an advertising campaign in favor of implanted RFID chips: “A small chip for him – a large update for mankind” “Those afraid of data abuse should watch out for Facebook and Amazon’s language assistant Alexa instead of these chips”. Alleged experts say: “Microchip implants do not provide us with less but with significantly more digital safety.” “Like this it feels becoming a cyborg”, RedBull published in an advertising campaign. “A biochip…
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The MANY Methods of Mind Manipulation . . . a Worldwide Operation

The MANY Methods of Mind Manipulation . . . a Worldwide Operation A “profane” or materialistic view of telepathy became commonplace after World War II. Just as new mathematical models and theories of physics had been brought to bear on development of the atomic bomb, so too new tools were brought to bear on the human mind. Just as Cold War scientists raced to design rocket engines and missile technologies that would give their country superiority on the nuclear battlefield, so too did scientists rush to develop ever more complex and thorough models of the human…
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Accept or Reject the Implant

It is no longer possible to claim that the existence of the subcutaneous RFID implant is only imaginary or conspiracy . With the rapid advancement of technology, especially computing and electronics, this implant contains a unique individual identifier. It can be detected remotely by its emission of pulsed electromagnetic waves. It has several functions that will lead to the replacement of passports, driver’s licenses, identity cards, credit cards, bank checks, electronic wallets, health insurance cards, etc. It is also used incidentally…
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