Note on the Great Debate

Note on the Great Debate

To depend on a great debate organized by the Power in place, this to hope to leave the System, is totally illusory. This is on the contrary a way to stay in the nets of the latter. And this one is organized in such a way that we cannot leave it without accepting great insecurity, uncertainty, the renunciation of material comfort and the abandonment of the marks of “modernity”. The workings of the System make us otherwise very dependent. No longer feeding him, if necessary by refusing to pay his taxes, is indeed a risk to go through the Prison box

The rich elites have managed to build a System that virtually controls every aspect of our lives:

  • it manages our health by the obligation of vaccination, the Social Security, the medical prescriptions, medical records …;
  • it program our studies through the educational system, exams, competitions and diplomas …;
  • it forces us to have a bank account to receive a salary and now for most financial transactions;
  • he claims filling in “official” documents to build or to destroy a particular house, to be the tenant of an apartment, to own a dog or a cat, to have a child, to care for a dead relative, to drive a car, etc.
  • in many countries, it imposes military service at least for the men;
  • it prevents to move freely from one country to another without the possession of a passport;
  • etc.

And even ecovillages still belong to the System, because in particular you always need building permits to create them

To leave such a system is to become marginal, pariah or outlaw. It takes a lot of courage or unwavering faith, as well as the ability to give up comfort, security, “progress” and a normal social life … Yet, the New World will only be truly “new” if we are able, individually and collectively, to lead us resolutely and creatively in such a direction, or if we benefit from a miracle. And again, the latter deserves. Or can we believe in benefiting from it for no reason

Measures such as the CIR or The Great National Debate do not serve to get out of the System, but to reinforce it, to make it even more vicious, more devious. Each time, the elites find the way to turn apparent advances to freedom in as many additional ways to enslave us, by more laws, controls, regulations … and by an increase in propaganda and marketing pro New World Order, by school, by various media and by Hollywood

At a certain moment, every individual on this planet will probably have to choose between the security, controlling, invasive, closed, opaque, enslaving system … and an unknown New World offering insecurity, freedom, openness, transparency

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