News About Covid-19

News About Covid-19

[Received by email from Old Fritz]

Dr. Stefan Lanka filed a criminal complaint against the head of the charity-faculty of the Robert Koch Institute, government doctor Prof. Drosten, for crimes against humanity:
Virologist Dr Stefan Lanka who won a court case over the non-existence of the ‘measles virus’ files charge against German ‘government virologist for Corona’ for crimes against humanity

Dr. Lanka outlined some of his arguments against Prof. Drosten on page 5 (section 4) of his medical thesis “Misinterpretation Virus – Fehldeutung Virus” under the head-line “The globalization of the Chinese SARS virus panic and course-setting for the corona crisis by Prof. Drosten – Die Globalisierung der chinesischen SARS – Virus _Panik und Weichenstellung zur Corona-Krise durch Prof. Dosten”, which is published on following web-page (it is in German and you need the translation-bar):

Other renowned doctors and professors like Prof. Dr. Klaus Pueschel, Virologist Dr. Hendrik Streeck, Prof. Dr. Suchardt Bhakdi and Dr. Michael Spitzbart in Germany and Austria have expressed their concern about the political handling of this Plan-Scam-demic. Remember the TB-crisis in the1950s, which was more dangerous then this Plan-Scam-demic, did not require a Lock Down.

Prof. Drosten works in tandem with the contradicting rule-maker Dr. Fauci in the USA. Here Dr. Fauce exposed on following video, which is produced on the web-site of David Icke:
Carlson on corrupt, Gates-owned ‘virus’ chief Fauci – ‘What a fraud this guy is’. Oh, just a little bit

And, there is Dr. Judy Mikovits who had to suffer under Dr. Fauci,  because she did not compromise in her scientific findings, which is proof, that the medical dictatorship around medical Cesar, Dr. Fauci do not like the scientific needed discord and anti-thesis:
They Don’t Want You To Know This Information – Dr. Judy Mikovits Tell The Truth

Communist China has to give the people of the world permission to investigate the situation in China. Why are there nearly every year outbreaks of Virus-sicknesses. Why are their laboratories not safe and what role do people like Dr. Fauci on behalf of the capitalist world play in connection with the Chinese communist unsafe laboratories.

For these above-named reasons, it is expected, that 500.000 people will protest in Berlin, today, 1st August, 2020. Please note in the following article, that the German government supported Anti-Fa(scists) will lunch a counter-protest against the 500.000 people:
Germany: Demonstrations scheduled in Berlin August 1-2

Here live-stream from Switzerland (there are already troubles to live-stream this event):
Live – Tag der Freiheit in Berlin – 1. August 2020 – LIVESTREAM

With regard to this Plan-Scam-Demic, a Truth-Companion has sent following face-book page for sharing, investigating and discussion:
Linda Ann Jones

"This is a MUST SEE video for the average person to begin to understand the WAR against us! Much love & respect to…

Posted by Linda Ann Jones on Friday, July 31, 2020

From: Arlyn Tombleson
Dr Dareld Morris is with Shelby Jo Morris.
Florida USA  

COVID-19: Political Update #COVID19 #gulfshorestrong #morrismedicalcenter #politics #wakeupamerica #Trump2020 #COVID #Hydroxychloroquine #CoronaVirusUpdate

Posted by DrDareld Morris on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dirty filthy corrupt politicians are corrupting the medical fraternity even more than what it has been corrupted.

In Florida they have exposed 40 labs that are faking the results by auditing them.  They are reporting 100% positive which is statistically impossible. Two of the labs that said was 100% are less than 10%.  There is insurance fraud on a scale with criminality and illegality going on.  They are reporting they do not have enough hospital beds which is also a lie.  A few months before the Covid there were massive layoffs because business was slow.  Many hospitals are running at 50-60% staffing capacity so there are more than enough beds but not enough staff so those numbers are being manipulated. They are using the Hydroxychloroquine with great success but the doctors are being howled down by the medical associations and media are simply not reporting the success. Many doctors in Washington D.C had press conference concerning the success of Hydroxychloroquine and zinc with another drug and treated over 300 patients in the Houston area and across the country.  Twitter and FaceBook are deleting the successes of the doctors using that protocol. Censorship and restricting the information flow in he United States.    Local pharmacies are refusing to fulfil doctors prescriptions of Hydroxychloroquine for their patients.  This doctor has used it for 20 years with no side effects whatsoever.  Not freely releasing this information and to describe the protocol in other practices is just criminal.


The same is happening in Australia so we need to have people do the same about this so-called ‘lab testing’ audits and whistleblowers to come forward. The evil Freemason politicians have exposed themselves to have severely ‘breached their contract’ with the populous with this Control Containment Compliance Medical Marshall Law Lockdown Hoax with censorship, suppression of facts, evidence and information to the public in addition with the complete monopolising of this Coronavirus Pandemic-Scamdemic that has wrecked havoc on people businesses and Australia. Medicine has become even more embedded with political agendas and not to be trusted with the compliance of masks and social isolation which is unsound, unrealistic, unscientific, unproven and inherently wrong with their medical advice which is contrary to good health or recovery.  The Australian doctors have clearly shown to be cowards by their silence for all to see compared to real genuine honest physicians overseas speaking up and telling the truth and unmasking the lies of the prostitute MSM propaganda apparatus.


This needs to be uploaded before they remove it like they have all others.  It is removing evidence!


Medicine kills millions

Death by Medicine
Western medicine which has adopted the serious flawed medical model  and indoctrination ideology of the plagiarist Pasteur which is the 3rd largest cause of death plus all of the serious side effects, adverse reactions from the toxicity of drug prescribing. We are not to blindly accept and respect medicine being shoved down our throats in this premeditated conspiracy by the evil Freemason politicians and the medical-pharmaceutical-vaccine criminal cabal consortiums.  
This illegal corporate-government entity gives this cabal consortium unlimited and unwarranted protection which it is not deserved according to statistics and evidence.  

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