Isydata is a free software running on Windows or Apple.
It allows you to simply create data sheets and graphs.


Importante note:
to work, the software requires the presence of Java ( on the system.

The app does not have a certificate and may need to temporarily change access rights to allow its launch
(in the system security settings).

1 – Download Isydata

Freeware : Isydata US
Apple® 10.7+,
Windows® 7+
(16.8 Mo)

English version

2 – Extract the files

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file,
  • move or copy it to the wanted place,
  • and double-click on Isydata.jar to launch the application.

3 – Shortcut or alias

Use the image file (ico or png according to Windows® or Apple® system)
in creating the shortcut or alias of Isydata.jar.

In case of bugs

You can contact the author to report any possible bug or malfunction.

Help of the software

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