Implanted RFID-Chips: Mainstream press starting large-scale campaign

Implanted RFID-Chips: Mainstream press starting large-scale campaign


“Now the chipped are coming!” headlined the BLICK, a Swiss newspaper, on their front page on May 14, 2018. The first three pages of the tabloid equaled an advertising campaign in favor of implanted RFID chips:

“A small chip for him – a large update for mankind”

“Those afraid of data abuse should watch out for Facebook and Amazon’s language assistant Alexa instead of these chips”.

Alleged experts say:

“Microchip implants do not provide us with less but with significantly more digital safety.”

“Like this it feels becoming a cyborg”,

RedBull published in an advertising campaign.

“A biochip implant makes you to be more than a human being. We show you how it works.”

“The only possibility of being able to keep up with the machines is to integrate them inside us.”

Mainstream reporters allowing themselves to have RFID-chips implanted publicly, in front of running cameras. Tim Kuchenbecker for example, from ARD-Tagesschau, a German TV news program. Kuchenbecker is representing a news agency at the CeBIT trade fair. The journalist sees a lot of benefits from being chipped:

“I really believe, that this is the future. I’m convinced of this.”

A young reporter from YouFM:

“Inside there is a tiny NFC-Chip, about the size of a rice corn. I will be able to open doors with it hopefully, send data to smartphones… and this chip is going into my hand now.”

“Oh, hallelujah. It’s awesome!”

Editor Jonas Jansen from F.A.Z. (German newspaper):

“It doesn’t hurt at all – like having blood taken – just a little poke… …and then you can put all kinds of data on it.”

If someone had predicted a few years ago that they’d like to implant RFID chips under the skin in the near future, he was labeled a conspiracy theorist. Today the mainstream press uses targeted and coordinated advertisement to promote the implantation of RFID chips. Such advertising campaigns will lead to genocide of national, ethnic or religious groups and must be stopped by the people! But How?!

Such a genocide occurs gradually and runs its course these days by the abolition of cash money. If you would refuse every cashless payment nowadays vehemently, you would only be able to exist very restrictedly and in a short time not at all anymore. It is because your employer only pays your monthly wages onto a bank account. Your landlord demands the monthly rent via bank transfer. You can book your business trip only cashless on the internet. You like to buy a new car and pay it in cash? In France you would only be able to buy a driving scrap heap due to the cash limit of 1000 €.

Curtailing your personal freedom is coming step by step – and allegedly to your own benefit. Without cashless means of payment however you wouldn’t be able to exist in a very short time. We are going to experience the same principle with implantation of RIFD chips:

The first generation of implants will make the key redundant and will enable household appliances to be networked. The next generation will replace the purse, the credit card, your insurance card etc. and will make you a transparent citizen. At the latest with the third generation of chips you will be able to be located and controlled everywhere in the world. Whoever does not want to have a chip implanted because of religious, ethnic or other reasons will sooner or later be excluded from society and no longer able to participate in public life. Call it a conspiracy theory again today. But, It is going to become a conspiracy fact; a reality, if we do not stop it!

STOP RIFD – it leads to genocide!

Look into our well-founded correlating Kla.TV broadcasts in the links shown and protest against any further advance of this misanthropic technology:


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