I Cannot Buy Gifts For My Kids

I Cannot Buy Gifts For My Kids

[Source in French: Égalité & Réconciliation — Equality & Reconciliation]

The Christmas story of The Editors

So I explain why.
It will be their truly Christian Christmas gift, that is, 100% social.
A small political explanation is better than three kilos of Chinese plastic.

No way to buy a suitable photo, so we put Father Beaver

So children, listen to your dad. Anyway you have no choice.

At Christmas, normally we think of others, of those who have nothing and we share what we have. This is the meaning of Christian love, a love that goes beyond that of dad for mom and mom for children. It’s a universal love, something that is not in store at Yahweh’s.
Who is Yahweh? Oh, a god who advocates love but not for everyone, it’s a racist god, yes, exactly.

The feast of December 25, which celebrates the birth of Jesus, who became Christ, was transformed by the merchant bourgeoisie into black Friday.
You know the black Friday, these obese Americans who trample underpaid vigilantes to death in the giant shops where Francis Cousin sells merchandise, even if in his mind the merchandise is more than the physical commodity, but we are going to not complicate the trick. It’s already complicated enough like that.

So the Christmas of the poor became the Christmas of the rich, that is to say the merchants, the same ones that Jesus, become the Christ, that is to say the envoy of God on Earth, drove out with sticks. He drove them out of the Temple for two reasons: one, we do not trade in a spiritual place, because the two are irremediably opposed, and in irremediably there is devil [Note: diable, in French], two, the Temple also represents the spirit, and normally our thoughts must not be obsessed with money, with profit, it must be turned towards others and Jesus understood that before everyone else. Unfortunately, feeling the wind turning, the power of the time did murder him.
Like Kennedy, yes.

Do not interrupt me all the time, it’s me knowing it, and you ignorant. It’s the same thing at school: these crooks of socialists can tell you that you are at the center of education, at some point an adult must teach you the things you cannot invent. A child not or badly brought up becomes an antisocial, a fawn. He prefers money to others and attacks others: he wants to belittle them, to eliminate them. Yes, like jihadists with the innocent. Although there we could also go behind the surface of things, but we will not complicate.

So you rejoice because it’s Christmas and Christmas rhymes with gifts. This year I will not give you any, and you know why? Because Macron [Note: the French President] took everything from Daddy. He grabbed everything, down to the dime. Mom will cook a big chicken on the evening of the 24th, but in your shoes, under the tree, there will be nothing. Not the slightest gift.

Do not take it badly but understand that Dad does not want to do beg, he does not want to kneel before his bastard banker who steals every time his account is red, a banker who wins when the account is in green and also when the account is in red, you see, the bankers are the winners when everything is fine and when everything goes wrong, so they do not care as their first robbery that things go wrong.

Instead of a gift, I’m giving you a little lesson in political awareness. What is political awareness? It is precisely to understand why things are as they are, why the big guy is sleeping on cartons with his dog at the bottom of the building, in the cold and solitude, why Frenchmen with Yellow Vests shook their capital, yes I know they fired but they killed nobody, they just warned the bankers.

They warned them of what? Well, that was enough, that the bankers had stolen the workers too much and that the politicians, who are the bankers’ employees, had lied too much so that the theft would continue again and again. Yes children, your gifts, in truth, they are at the bankers, in their coffers, and they have enough to give to all the children of the Earth but they take care not to do it because otherwise they would have no more money, and money is power.

Yes, like the ring in the movie, it makes you crazy. But do not despair, if you understand that and act, then you will have a chance to give gifts to your own children. Why do not we kill bankers? No, it’s bad because the banker is inscribed in the heart of the man, and the bad man, the man who keeps for himself and does not share. Those who prefer money to others are also called selfish and that explains why at Christmas, for example, there are some who eat very good things very expensive and others who eat shit, or black bread.

No, they do not eat real shit on black bread but it’s just like. They eat a meal of poor people, but it is they who are in the right, but the truth is not always easy. Meanwhile, those who are in the lie well they live well, but until those who live bad come to jostle them a little to ask for sharing, love according to the definition of Jesus. This is called the revolution and France is the great specialist. Yes, France is the daughter of Jesus.

So as 2018 Christmas gifts, dear children, I make you officially revolutionaries. For what I have told you, no one will be able to take it away from you, even the liars, especially the liars, because you will recognize them as he tries to take away from you the truths, the truths that reveal them.

Go kids, it’s late, in bed, your mom and I are going to prepare a poor but dignified Christmas, with a lot of consciousness under the tree!

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