Human Relations

Human Relations

Nowadays, concrete human relations tend to be replaced by virtual relationships in which we often ignore the real identity of the interlocutors. The so-called “social” networks replace proximity relations. At the same time, we ignore more and more our neighbors even if we live in the same block, the same building or the house next door.

On the Internet, relational links have greatly increased, but at the same time their quality has deteriorated. It cannot be otherwise, because each human being has a certain relational potential. It can be compared to a volume of water, for example the contents of a bottle.

To have many “relations” like those allowed by social networks, whatever they are, is equivalent to spreading the contents of the bottle on the ground: the water covers a wide surface, but its height is small; relations are numerous, but their quality is mediocre. On the other hand, those who have few friends are comparable to what happens when the liquid is poured into a thin pipe, but very high: the water then covers a very small surface, but rises altitude; relationships are few, but authentic, strong, and of high quality.

The existence of social networks goes hand in hand with the degradation of many aspects of human life, in our overconsumption societies that favor quantity over quality. The race to enjoyment, the satisfaction of desires of all kinds, material possession, comfort … is done by losing too often consciousness at the same time, the consciousness with all that it implies: authenticity, truth, honesty, depth, reliability, responsibility, etc.

A bright future can probably only take place by revaluating these human dimensions, behaving as an adult human, but not as an immature child or teenager, and eventually by abandoning perhaps these electronic social networks in favor of true relationships established in full light. Our seniors will no longer be housed in retirement homes, hospices, institutions for the elderly. Governments will no longer take charge of what should be family responsibility and conscience …

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