Hear And Listen To Communicate, Now And In Future Humanity

When a human being receives an audible message from another person, whether directly or through a device such as a telephone or a radio, he begins by hearing it if the received sound volume is large enough at the level of his ears. He begins to perceive the message through his sensory system, and more specifically through the auditory system of the physical body.

In a second step, initially by an act of will, he must appropriate the information and let it penetrate itself. He must voluntarily pay attention to what he hears. He does not only hear the message, but listen. He reacts in one way or another using his sensitivity.

Finally, in a last stage, that of the understanding, he uses his mind to understand the meaning of the received information, and also why this has been able to provoke in himself such sensitive reactions rather than others. He can now say to his interlocutor: I understand you.

In the New World, the human beings of the next Humanity, the one who will follow the Homo Sapiens, will succeed more and more in implementing a communication of a quality such as it rarely exists today. Not only can their physical senses be more refined, as is the case for autistics who are literally assaulted by sounds as soon as they exceed a sound level that is acceptable to others. But they will have a sensitive or “astral” vehicle much more transparent or permeable to impressions from the outside world.

The current precursors, atypical human beings and still in very minority, are here also in difficulty. Their natural capacity to integrate into themselves all the external captured realities, through their refined senses and by their astral transparency, means that they must find strategies to protect themselves from the ambient negativity whose lack of morality is not the least factor. More often than not, they have no choice but to withdraw into themselves, sometimes in a fetal position. Moreover, not only by their hyper sensitivity, but also by their relative inadequacy relative to the current world (being precursors of the future Humanity and adapted to this one), they tend to suffer particularly, especially as their mode of communication is not yet understood. To drastically reduce their suffering inherent in their specificities, they must provide sustained adaptation work, often for many years, using their strength of will directly from the soul.

The sensory and sensory characteristics of such precursors mean that they most often live a good part of their life or at least their youth as a period of deep anxiety or terror in the present world outside their nature.

On the mental plane, the human beings of the future humanity will have, like their current precursors, fluidity rarely experienced today. This gives them the ability to move from one point of view to another without excessively sticking themselves to it, and thus to comprehensively acquire a multiform or multidimensional mental perception. At the same time, they will show a great mental acuity and an ability to manage a large flow of different information, to link them together, to see their common points, to perceive their apparent or real contradictions, the errors of logic, the absence or the presence of “reason”, their illusory or realistic character…

At the same time, their inspiration will provide them with essential support for their creations and their transparent relational exchanges. Such beings cannot function in the lie. What they create is a reflection of their inner being, of their soul, in the same way as what they say. They cannot live in half measures, pretense, hypocrisy, superficiality … that are contrary to their nature. They are whole, not broken up into physical, emotional, and mental plots scattered to the four winds.

In terms of communication, the culmination of the next humanity will be generalized mental telepathy.

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