Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel

Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel

[Source: https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2018/08/22/facebook-the-new-tower-of-babel/]

Author: Dean Henderson

Facebook: The New Tower Of Babel

I deleted my Facebook account last week. Jill followed suit yesterday. The damage done to society by this Zuckerberg Mossad psyop can not even be measured. What passes for social media is in fact a methodology developed by the Illuminati banksters to tear long-existing social structures apart.

Through social media and the internet our privacy has been annihilated, our real friendships compromised and our authenticity sacrificed at the alter of the borg/hive mentality. Two camps full of idiots have been penned up by the Luciferian herders.

There are those who think Trump is our savior, that Q-Anon is real and that any day now we’ll be emancipated from our bondage by the billionaire class. Worse yet is the camp full of liberal gatekeeper politically-correct intolerant haters, who are triggered to delirium every time the word “Trump” appears on their precious TV or computer screens.

Those who have not enthusiastically accepted this dumbed down dualistic mental and emotional imprisonment are few and far between.

A corporation called Crown Castle continues to silently erect more 5G towers so as to reinforce and expand the blathering reach of the camp-ridden drones, who are now witting minions of the Babylonian money changer handlers in their quest to create of new Ministry of Truth constructed of nothing but lies.

A corporation called GE continues to install “smart meters” on our homes, while it replaces our good incandescent orange light bulbs with mercury-filled white fluorescents – all under the guise of “saving the environment”.

Both corporations are Crown Agents, working officially for the City of London Corporation – the old Black Nobility construct which was launched via the 11th century Magna Carta Agreement. https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/the-city-of-london/

The final assault on humanity has begun.

To facilitate their demonic victory the bloodline families are using “social” media and the internet generally as a disruptive force to create chaos, disunity, pettiness, reactionary behavior, depression, isolation, lack of confidence and discernment, violence and outright evil.

They are literally constructing a new Tower of Babel. They are scrambling, usurping and distorting our language. With that comes destruction of strong character and real intelligence.

Their chemtrails, smart meters, GMO foods and fluoridated water simply make construction of the tower easier. When people are weakened they make bad decisions.

It’s time for all conscious people to take a stand against the continued construction of this new Tower of Babel. Get off Facebook and all social media “platforms” (whatever that means). There are no good ones, because the model itself is evil. Cut back your time on the internet significantly.

Call and visit your real friends and family more and establish deeper relationships in the real world. Spend lots of time outside, preferably in natural areas. Get plenty of sunlight to counter their fake white light rollout. You need the Vitamin K to think straight.

We must tear down this new Tower of Babel before everyone goes completely nuts. It’s time to take the struggle to the next level

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