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Manifesto for a New World

While Libra, with its ideas of justice, justice, harmony, balance and fairness, should symbolize and characterize much of the systems of human organizations and governments, in fact the Humanity has almost always had to suffer the worst aspects of the opposite symbol, Aries1. Thus, even under the guise of democracy, people have too often had to endure the tyranny of individuals or groups eager for power and control over others and situations. “Leaders” of all kinds, whether by self-proclamation, trickery, strength, or any other means which is more or less coercive, violent, or dishonest, have generally risen to crush the mass of those whom, on the contrary, they should serve. Their psychological profile has often been psychopathic. This one was sometimes extreme. They could then kill in series, directly or by jacks, without feeling any remorse.
As Humanity gets closer to maturity after its teenage crises marked notably by the two world wars and by the so-called war on terrorism, it is time to live the society on more responsible, more voluntary, more creative, more constructive basis … in short more adults. It is therefore time to consider the organization and social life from the angle of a real freedom as the responsible individual and goodwill can claim.

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What Human Creates and the Sense of Proportion

Relying in particular on an abusive extrapolation of a certain interpretation of experiments in quantum mechanics (according to the Copenhagen interpretation), some people come to consider that the Observer influences (or even creates) the world just by his way of observing it. And some of them believe that they are God. These are theories and […]

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The Sight, the Vision and the Life

The life of a human being is largely conditioned by what he perceives, then by the way he reacts to it (physically, emotionally and mentally …) according to his personality and character, and finally according to the internal representation of himself and the universe. This representation tends to guide its actions and choices in all […]

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