Accept or Reject the Implant

Accept or Reject the Implant

It is no longer possible to claim that the existence of the subcutaneous RFID implant is only imaginary or conspiracy (see in particular Wikipedia and Euronews that are part of the current system and can hardly be accused of conspiracy).

With the rapid advancement of technology, especially computing and electronics, this implant contains a unique individual identifier. It can be detected remotely by its emission of pulsed electromagnetic waves. It has several functions that will lead to the replacement of passports, driver’s licenses, identity cards, credit cards, bank checks, electronic wallets, health insurance cards, etc. It is also used incidentally to open doors with electronic lock (home, for example), to take the train and to communicate with different machines … And, icing on the cake, it can or could be spotted by GPS!

Knowing that currently we can almost no longer legally buy or sell without having a bank account unless we have inherited the cash treasure of an uncle in America, what will it be with or without this implant that is coming? Those who will have the implant will, of course, be able to carry out easily all the commercial, banking, professional or social transactions involving it. They will be able to open the door of their house, apartment, car, office … They will be able to get on the train and take the plane. They will be able to go to the restaurant, the cinema, the theater, the casino, the stadium … They will be able to buy their groceries, their clothes, their electronic gadgets … online or in stores … They will be able to be looked after and to refund, to profit from insurance, etc. In short, they will be able to accomplish everything that is already done now without this implant. So what is the interest of the latter?

Modern marketing presents in particular the following interests for this implant:
– your lost child, kidnapped or not by a pedophile, can be found wherever he is thanks to his implant;
– Ditto for your Alzheimer’s mother, whether she is kidnapped or not;
– your own implant will prevent you from someone stealing your currency and credit cards;
– your medical file will accompany you wherever you are in the event of a health problem;
– only you can drive your car;
– etc.

This marketing is careful not to mention that a thug could always cut your hand containing the implant to be then passed for you and to steal all your money, your car, your children, and even your home. Is the real reason and the real interest of this implant of this order? Or does it serve the elites who are trying to put it in place? How then could it be useful to them, if not very useful?

When the keeper of a herd of cows or sheep wishes more easily to identify them, he puts a particular tattoo that marks them as his property, this if necessary with a hot iron. More modern version, less barbaric and more interesting, he puts a ring or an electronic implant that allows him to track them in case they get lost in the wild outside their pen or their usual pasture.

Similarly, global elites are better off microchipping their workers to identify and control them more easily. Thanks to computer databases, to big data obtained by social networks and the centralization of various administrative and medical data, they are now able to know every aspect of their workers’ lives (religious beliefs, policy opinions, eating habits, health problems, hobbies, etc.). The implant will remove from them the little real freedom they still had.

Faced with such a fairly probable, if not almost inescapable future, what choice is available to ordinary people (those who are not themselves part of the elite)? This choice seems to be reduced to two possibilities: accept or reject the implant.

To accept the implant is to live in the material, social and technocratic security of the New World Order, but therefore as a slave of its elite promoters. To refuse it is to live out of all security and all material comfort, possibly in areas of lawlessness or in the most unhealthy and polluted places of the planet, or in concentration camps for system refractors. But it is then to preserve his freedom of mind and of conscience.

Everyone could be faced with such a choice and can prepare for it now. Or it may be considered bad sci-fi or paranoia.


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