Public and Private

Public and Private

Today, companies and properties are generally considered to be public or private, although states may also hold shares in private companies. It is also understandable that a private business is only accessible to the particular group of people who own or manage it. One can thus think that a business or a public structure (whether administrative, governmental or of another nature) should be logically and conversely open to anyone. In other words, if the private is closed or even secret, why is the public not open and transparent?

In a future that would be built in particular on the related notions of sovereignty, responsibility and individual and collective freedoms, transparency and openness should be generalized individual and collective characteristics. In other words, there would be nothing private anymore apart from the intimate sphere and family life. All the projects, all the structures, all the groups other than the family unit would be open, freely accessible and transparent in their structures, their possible buildings, their rules and their operations.

The very notion of the public sector would then itself have little meaning, since accessibility would vastly and universally exceed anything that today is supposedly public, but often closed by state secrecy and various other security credentials. Consequently, and in particular, secret services, secret societies, and access restrictions of all kinds would no longer have any reason to exist and would eventually disappear from human memory.

A society is all the more free as it abandons all security constraints and works in sharing (especially data) and in a completely transparent manner. On the contrary, it is all the more closed and repressive as it promotes material security and the privatization of resources (especially knowledge).

This can be summarized in the following simplified form:

Security = Restriction = Irresponsibility = Closure = Privatization = Opacity = Ignorance …

Risk = Freedom = Responsibility = Openness = Sharing = Transparency = Knowledge …

What type of society are we currently living in: which of the two lines above? In which future do we want to live?

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