Will the CIR be Enough?

The Yellow Vests movement put forward the notion of the Citizen Initiative Referendum (or CIR for short). Many French people are now polarizing in the hope that by obtaining such a crumb of bread, their hunger for social, professional or civilizational change will be satisfied. Can this be the case?

Modern history, for more than a century, tends to show that all the so-called changes, including the social and political measures taken in France in the aftermath of the Second World War, only maintain the Humanity in the System and in the direction that will see the completion of the New World Order. In particular, they will always maintain hierarchies of control at the top of which will always rule and crack elites. From this point of view, even getting the CIR (as in Switzerland and Italy) will not change much in French life.

Those who define the rules of the game, change them as needed along the way, and finally cheat for victory, are still the same globalist and materialistic elites. They may very well concede the CIR, because it will only add a layer to the illusion of freedom in which the “citizens” of the nations live (see also The Bureaucracy Against Freedom, Manifesto for a New World, Stop Feading the Beast, Critical Mass).

We cannot change the game of life on Earth if we always suffer the same unfair and conflict-promoting rules. And to demand a change to the masters of the game will provide us in return only temporary accommodations always going in the direction desired by these masters. We will always be their slaves, their cattle kept in the same pen. Changing the painting of the fence, growing corn on our pastures instead of grass, even injecting GMOs … will not change the fact that we are prisoners of the same game, of the same System, of the same World Order for centuries and centuries, this one becoming more and more implacable as time goes by.

The New World Order has only “New” the fact that it adds a new layer of control in addition to the political, economic, military, judicial, police, “educational” and religious … This is the technological and scientific layer, gradually added for about two centuries, just as the kingdoms were being transformed one after the other into republics in many nations of the world. Mass surveillance is now possible and generalized by various means: video surveillance, security systems, RFID chips, observation satellites, NSA …

If humanity really wants to become free in a truly renovated world, in a New World, it will have to define itself the new rules of the game, and not continue to rely on its current masters. It will have to stop working with all the national and international institutions and administrations that have been created and maintained by the wealthy and controlling elites.

In the New World, there will be no more UN, WTO, WHO, NATO … nor school systems, judicial systems, regulatory bodies, ISO standards, offices of tourism, etc. There will only be sovereign individuals who will decide whether to live within certain boundaries and communities, or to create or not certain large-scale projects, to choose certain momentary rules of living together, or simply to respect cosmic and natural laws without adding human or reptilian confusion. Humans, respectful of each other, responsible and aware of the consequences of their choices and actions, will no longer need rigid and opaque national or international structures, administrations, governments, and whatever that prevent them from flourishing and creating.

In the meantime, the men, women and children of the world will continue to suffer the oppression of the elites as long as they are content to claim something from them, CIR or other, instead of learning to live without them and without their rules of the game. As long as one accepts to function in the dystopia of the New World Order, the New World will remain utopia instead of materializing.

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