Why the NWO Weakens Us?

Elites that promote the New World Order (or NWO for short) generally know enough about human psychology and how to use it to manipulate people. They owe it to their studies followed in elitist schools or to the use of advisers fully competent in this matter. Thus, they know that like other living things and the various objects of the universe, human beings are subject to the great law of action and reaction. It remains to determine how and why they weaken us through it.

The law of action and reaction was discovered by Isaac Newton regarding the objects or material beings of the universe. It can be stated in the following manner: with every force exerted by a material body on another corresponds an opposite force of the same intensity exerted by this second body on the first. In other words, the two forces balance or compensate each other. This law can be generalized to the field of human psychology and the emotional and mental impulses involved.

The generalized law of action and reaction can then be stated as follows: at any force exerted by X on Y corresponds an opposite force of the same intensity and possibly of the same kind exerted by Y on X. Here, the X and the Y can be objects or material beings exercising both a concrete or physical force on one another and more subtle forces (in particular of emotional or mental origin). In other words, in the case of human beings and, for example, if Paul exercises an intense anger over Jacqueline, he can most often expect to receive from Jacqueline an anger or other emotion of the same intensity. Sometimes the reaction can be physical (like a slap accompanying the reactive emotion or replacing it more or less completely). It could also be mental, in the form of a long tirade having for example the objective to demonstrate the wickedness or baseness of Paul.

If the active and reactive forces compensate each other, they do not prevent the appearance of potential imbalances, because the active force can for example weaken the object or the being on which it is applied. Consider the case of a hammer striking violently a wineglass. At the exact moment of the impact of the hammer on the glass, it exerts on the hammer a force of the same intensity and opposite direction (force which will be felt by the hammer wearer as a certain resistance). However, as the glass is fragile, under the effect of the force received from the hammer, it breaks, while the hammer being significantly stronger remains intact.

We can find equivalent examples in psychology. In particular, a human being of a perverse and narcissistic nature may end up breaking another human being, when he has already been weakened by life, lacks great strength of character or is living through a difficult and stressful time. A physical, emotional or mental force applied to a human being may weaken or break it, even if at the moment of impact it automatically emits a force of the same intensity in the opposite direction. This reactive force can very well be emitted only in the form of fear. Violent action can either lead to a similar reaction, a fear reaction, or other types of reactions.

Global elites know what physical, emotional, or mental force to apply to an individual, group, or people to achieve one reaction over another. This is true in the general case, knowing that there may be individual exceptions. These can come in particular from individuals who have learned to tame or master their instinctive and psychological nature.

For decades, the world’s elites have been striving to weaken the various nations of the world through various means, including breaking down or dismantling their constituents such as families, public institutions and industrial structures. The great waves of immigration, provoked by their various wars and aggression against already weak countries (of the Third World), have the foreseeable reaction of displacing a not insignificant part of the populations attacked, this to migrate into the spared countries (which are in general the material agents that allowed the aggression).

Whenever the elites weaken something, it is then to more easily destroy it. The objective is to replace the material forms (buildings, structures, groups, nations…) which do not suit them or which hinder their plans by new forms, this in order to establish their ideal of the New World Order. It is probably in their eyes a noble goal and all means seem legitimate to them if they allow them to reach their end. The problem is that the peoples have never been consulted and that among them many people consider that the end cannot justify the means, because some of these means are cruel or generate a lot of suffering. Using slower and more humane means would in most cases achieve similar goals without going through destruction, chaos and suffering.

A corollary objective of all the weaknesses suffered by humanity in terms of material is, by reaction, the increased need for security, a need cleverly stimulated by marketing and media campaigns that exalt the interest of video surveillance, the RFID implant, and many other accessories that in fact limit our freedom. Material security is synonymous with imprisonment.

With every new security measure or law, we suffer a reduction in the number of our freedoms. We will not liberate ourselves effectively, especially from the New World Order, until we have understood and integrated in ourselves that material security is illusory. Its antidote is at least trust (in oneself, in others, in the future, in the universe…), in the absence of faith. The latter is not necessarily related to a particular religion. It is as difficult to explain to someone who does not have it as what colors are for a blind man by birth. “You can only see with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes,” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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