When Will Peace Really Exist?

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Peace means in particular the absence of wars (military, civil, commercial, ideological, etc.) and conflicts between individuals or between human groups. It is obviously not possible as long as there are weapons of every caliber and even plans to make them. Nor is it possible as long as embargoes are used to impose its will on other nations or other human groups. Nor will it be feasible as long as individuals or groups seek to impose their ideologies or customs on others. Is all this possible in the next few years?

The complete disappearance of weapons, their plans, economic embargoes and ideological conflicts … will require a radical change in the way we live and envision life. And it will also imply the complete disappearance of a large number of professional activities: of course all the trades related to the creation and use of weapons, but also a significant part of those related to economy and justice. Indeed, a world in peace implies the disappearance of practically all professions that are related to individual or collective conflicts or their resolution: military, police, secret agents, lawyers, judges, notaries, prison guards, etc. Is this possible in the next few years?

How can we expect that in a few years we would know a New World? How could humanity move from a strongly conflictual childhood or adolescence to a truly mature and peaceful civilization? What can allow a brawling child or stubborn teenager to at least temporarily settle? Well, it’s often a shock of one kind or another. And some parents had used or still use a good slap in the hope of putting back their offspring’s ideas. However, this violent practice often generates undesirable side effects, such as hatred, anger or fear, according to the law of action and reaction (see also Why the NWO Weakens Us?). And if one wants to obtain a more constructive effect, it is better to have a measured shock, applied with just the right amount of energy, in the right direction. This usually works best with subtle energies (emotional, mental or spiritual) rather than physical ones.

What kind of shock could quickly move humanity into adulthood? An emotional shock such as that produced by the events of September 11, 2001 (also see Note on September 11, 2001, terrorism and manipulation of crowds) does not seem favorable, because in this case, the consequence was rather a weakening and a daze of a part of humanity (especially in the West). No, the most effective and constructive kind of shock would be spiritual. And from this point of view, it is the materialistic, atheistic or agnostic people who would live it more intensely, to the point that for some of them, the effect could be psychologically destructive, pushing them towards madness. This would be all the more the case as they are rigid in their beliefs.

In alternative environments, certain hypotheses have already been put forward concerning the kind of shock that could await humanity. Some think there will be a massive landing of benevolent extraterrestrials. Others consider what they call a global “ascension”. What they mean by this is most often a more or less abrupt or rapid elevation of terrestrial vibrations, possibly via those of the Sun itself vibratory rising. Where in this case they may differ is on the effects of such an ascension. These could be tangible, even going so far as to make “etheric” the planet and its humanity and thus remove them from the physical plane (human beings would then no longer have a body of flesh and blood, but an energetic vital body). Or they could be mostly interior, providing for example parapsychic skills that for the moment are generally science fiction: telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, etc. A combination of several of these hypotheses is, of course, conceivable.

Ascension would also have the effect of making the planet incompatible with beings of a sociopathic or psychopathic nature. The latter would not support the new energy quality. Be that as it may, after such a spiritual shock (or strongly affecting the belief system of human beings), humanity would definitely not be the same and our current way of life would be as outdated and inappropriate as our System. Such an event could occur at any time, in a relatively short time (for example, a few days) or more gradually. In the end, the result would be a radical transformation of planetary life. The Earth would finally know peace and harmony after thousands of years of conflict.

Now, what do we prefer? To believe that the world will continue on its current momentum and that there will be no benevolent aliens or ascension of any nature whatsoever? Or do we prefer to visualize that a miracle is possible?

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