True fascism: we are right in it!

Today, it seems that the term “fascism” has widely lost its original meaning, as the evolution of much of the political vocabulary, economic, social, cultural and educational … to the “newspeak” dear to Orwell. Returning to the sources of its definition, and by briefly examining our so-called “democratic” systems, we can easily see the actual fascist character of our present societies, with the difference that nationalism is now frowned upon and replaced by doctrinal thinking in terms of Europe (or equivalent federations, confederations and other state supergroups elsewhere in the world).

“Fascism,” as it was implemented in Italy by Mussolini before and during the Second World War, represented a totalitarian government power supported by corporate corporations and carried by nationalism. Such power may very well accommodate representative elections in nations that are misleadingly described as “democracies,” and Mussolini himself was elected in 1924. The essence of such a political regime is the close alliance between government and large private companies owned by wealthy elitist families. Nationalism provided above all the means of forcing popular support.

Currently, we find ourselves in a similar situation in the vast majority of nations in the world, whether or not they are “democratic”. The people have never been sovereign, not even in Switzerland. In all modern nations, the real power is still held by the wealthy elites, those who are the main shareholders of the big banks and international companies, often through private management funds that most people do not even know the name. By their money, they corrupt most politicians and government officials, even those who initially had a certain popular idealism. Few escape. They are branded with virtue by supposedly philanthropic foundations which are only tools to better achieve their main objective, that of the culmination of the New World Order.

The merging of government and transnational corporations has become such that it is now openly displayed through “public-private partnerships” or PPPs. In addition, many politicians also manage private companies or are shareholders. And many private entrepreneurs have also embarked on politics. Meanwhile, the only power and political weight of a member of the people are from time to time to elect a “representative” who often represents more the interests of the ruling elites than those of the mass popular. When an eligible person actually works for the people, he is usually ignored by mainstream media or ridiculed or discredited by them. And since the people believe they are useful in choosing only among the big political parties, it is only going in the direction intended and controlled by the elites.

The main difference with the original fascism is that the modern is more masked and that instead of relying on nationalism, it aims wider, the goal being a single world government directed ad vitam aeternam by the same elitist families. And for this, the very concept of nations becomes outdated and dangerous to them. On the contrary, they must now destroy the latter. In the end, what is the only freedom left to the people? That of consuming.
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The New World should be anything but a merging of the public and private worlds, so much so that these two notions could even disappear, the companies then only exist according to the popular will and only the time to achieve the project for which they are created, this in all transparency and self-management.
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