To Serve Humanity Or To Rely On The Will Of The Father?

The new religious movement, New Age, highlights the notions of service to humanity and of the Servant of the world in connection with the Aquarian era. For the past two thousand years, Christianity has focused more on the Savior of the world who has relied on the Will of his Father and the love of others. The recent movement recommends the service and the call for the manifestation of the “plan” of his god Lucifer on earth. At the same time, the ancient movement recommends prayer and the call to join the celestial kingdom. The first one tends to value the “goddess” or Mother Nature, to claim the matriarchy. The second is of patriarchal essence. (See: New Age Humanism vs. Christianity). One is finally feminine, seeking the incarnation of the divine into matter, and the other masculine, seeking the elevation of souls to the divine. (See the Note on Femininity and Masculinity). Is one of them better than the other? Is one of them more valuable?

Is the woman better than the man, or vice versa? Is one preferable to the other? Or are they simply different and complementary, and must they learn to work together, to unite their specific abilities to create in matter and to rise out of it? In order to determine the merits of one or the other, it is often useful to study their actions and, if possible, their motives. And in matters of religion as much as for human beings individually, the actions and motivations could be very varied. They could bring the worst (inquisition, sectarianism, sexual slavery, tyranny, etc.) as well as the best (holiness, charity, female emancipation, self-management, etc.). As for collective wars and individual conflicts, they are far from being limited to religions and sexual differences, but they have been able to cover all areas of human life and have often been motivated by political or economic considerations or, more simply, by egoism, even when history has referred to them as “wars of religion”.

By considering the male and female archetypes, religions represent in a way the sexual tendencies of humanity as a whole. From this point of view, even the most patriarchal or masculine have a certain measure of feminine dimension. Thus Christianity reserves a significant part to the Virgin Mary who allowed the incarnation of the Son. Similarly, the New Age attaches a certain importance to the spiritual abstraction of souls out of matter, even if it conditions it to a long esoteric learning. And we could come to the same sort of thing with Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and all other human religions. Like the symbol of the Tao, unity could not be found if the feminine did not itself involve a masculine part, and vice versa.

Sexuality involves the union of two opposites or two complementary ones. Religion also unites or connects two opposites: heaven and earth, gods and men, the up and the down, the divine and the matter … The masculine corresponds to the movement from bottom to top while the feminine corresponds to the opposite movement. One tends to remove the soul from matter to elevate it to the divine, while the other tends to embody the soul of divine origin into matter. If humanity, as a global being, rejects religion, it rejects sexuality in its natural and essential function. The West is the spearhead of the rejection of traditional religions for the possible benefit of the only New Age Humanism (of strong Masonic inspiration). Under his leadership, a good part of global humanity became atheist and cut off the link with the divine (and lost the moral consciousness inspired by the latter). Two major consequences followed in parallel. The first is an increasing loss of fertility. The second is the confusion of the genders. Some might object that the former stems from the increasing use of pesticides and other endocrine disruptors and that the second is due to the benefits of technology and gender theory. However, these factors are secondary, stemming themselves from the loss of moral consciousness due to the cutting of the divine.

The rise of Humanism itself has consequences: feminism, transhumanism, materialism, artificial intelligence … They correspond to movements towards the incarnation or the concrete manifestation. However, the more Humanism rejects traditional religions, patriarchy, and even manhood, the more the consequences will tend to excesses no more enviable than machismo and world wars. If the man can symbolize the sword, then the woman symbolizes rather the cup needing a protective armor. The protection of the nest or the home was traditionally ensured by the man against the aggressions of the nature or of the other men. If the male energy is lowered instead of a natural rise of the feminine one, then the need for security is compensated in another way.

If family safety is no longer ensured by man, modern society will offer humans the alternative of generalized surveillance, microchips for individuals and animals, artificial intelligence supposedly more secure than human intervention, virtual currency theoretically less easily stolen than banknotes, artificial materials stronger than stone and wood, unhealthy thought detectors as effective as smoke detectors, and so on. Material security will no longer be provided by the male, but by technology, at the risk of evolving into an ultra-controlled New World Order, in which the only freedom will be to consume or to serve as a beast of burden or as a guinea pig.

The excesses of an individual, a religion or a society in general come from the imbalance of movements and energies in themselves. An overly feminist society will be just as unhealthy as another abusively patriarchal. Imbalances cause disease. If water is essential to life, drinking more than nine liters in a day can lead to death. (See also: Taking Control of our Health). Is the goal of an individual and a society death, even if at the end it is what he, she or it will know? Or is it perpetuation through descendants and other goals such as personal and collective improvement?

If one of the major objectives of a society or an individual is its perpetuation, it can reach it only through “sexuality”, knowing that religion corresponds to that of a civilization. As human beings are sexed, their descendants come from their carnal union, at least when they let nature do its work and do not rely on that for technology. In the same way, the descendant of two religions will come from their union. Otherwise, they will both go out without giving birth to girls or sons, without producing fruit. What child could the union of Christianity and Humanism thus produce? To answer the question posed by the title, if finally the Will of the Father was that all human beings serve Humanity, in other words that all human cells serve the body Humanity?

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