The Tree

In the Garden of Eden,
Lived a huge tree,
The eternal witness,
Infinite wisdom.
This tree was bearing fruits,
Since the dawn of time,
And fed them,
Like a mother her children.
This tree loved its fruits,
Golden apples by myriads,
And these were the tree,
And they were fighting each other.
Universe alone,
It was only harmony,
And its breast vibrated,
And its heart was singing,
To the great Creator
From which it came
Towards the cosmic One
That it was too.
But one day, but one night,
There was a flash,
There was a cloud.
But one day, one night,
Was born the shade in its branches,
And its fruits in the light,
From a thousand lights shone,
Its fruits in the glow,
One another discovered.
Smooth and bare skin under the form,
Golden fleshes on the void,
Its apples saw the Elsewhere,
Breathed the infinity
And wished to blend in.
A translucent moment,
In a drop of time,
Two-thirds left the tree,
To fall towards what?
To fall to where?
Two-thirds left the tree
And fall during long,
Long time.
And a day or a night,
The ground, they hit
And bitterly there were bruised.
And a day of a night,
They cut themselves, tore themselves apart,
And since then
Separated, disunited,
And since then
By halves, lost …

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