The Major Challenge Of Our Time

For several years (or decades), our time has been shaken by a global crisis that can be compared to that of the transition from adolescence to adulthood. And if each crisis, individual or collective, can be compared to the crossing of a door to the unknown, it remains to know which door will choose the Humanity and what is the nature of the corresponding stake. Is the latter economic, social, cultural, political …


Each crisis experienced by an individual or a group is an opportunity to learn a lesson in life and thus come out of it in one way or another. Each of them usually requires the abandonment of a certain comfort (physical, emotional or intellectual …) or a level of security or certainty. It often requires challenging beliefs and habits. Whether individually bereavement, job loss, serious illness, divorce … or collectively a civil war, an epidemic, a war, ‘a revolution, a natural disaster … or even the establishment by the elites of their New World Order, the crisis, to be solved constructively and definitively requires the best of the Human

It is only by appealing to our finest qualities, our greatest skills and our sense of sacrifice that we find the key to opening the door to exit the global crisis. Otherwise, we would open another door, the one provided by the elites, the one that would lead us to a New World Order. The issue goes far beyond economic, social, cultural, political, and so on. It is spiritual because it is only by drawing from deep within ourselves, connecting to our divine origin (to our higher self, to our Spirit…), appealing to our Consciousness … that each of us will be able to offer the best and choose the door leading to the liberation of humanity instead of the one leading to his slavery or extermination

What exists behind the liberating door is a New World that for the moment we can only imagine, dream, visualize … or capture by inspiration, without having the slightest certainty that the vision will be transformed as such into reality. To go to such a door, to place the key in the lock, to open it, then finally to cross the threshold, represents a true act of faith. And it is only with such faith that we will advance without fear

Those who fear to lose their comfort, their security, their beliefs, their certainties … will lose everything and will only gain the servitude under the yoke of the New World Order, even if the drugs, the mental control, the stupidity media … will give them can be the illusion of continuing to live free. Those who privilege being and consciousness will win a New World or a New Earth. It is our choices that determine our future. And these depend heavily on our fear or our faith. By which are we inhabited

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