The law of degradation or increase of disorder and chaos

The matter of the universe is subject to a great implacable universal law called in physics the law of entropy. This can be more easily understood as the Law of Degradation, or the Law of Increased Disorder and Chaos. Applied initially to organized objects and material systems, especially in the study of heat transfer from one object or system to another (for example between a hot plate and a pan of water), it can be generalized to every system, every object, every material body, every living being constituted of matter… It can thus also concern human organizations.

Entropy measures the degree of disorder of a more or less complex and more or less “living” material system. The higher it is, the fewer the elements of this system are ordered, interrelated, capable of producing mechanical effects, and the greater the part of the energy that cannot be used to obtain a work, but, on the contrary, the greater is the share of energy that is releasable in an incoherent and inefficient way. And the law of entropy or degradation indicates that the entropy of any system grows over time. The entropy of the universe itself is increasing. In other words, the universe and its various subsystems see their disorder increase over time. All organized systems, all living creatures, all bodies and objects degrade over time.

Civilizations, the various structures, the multiple organizations … created by human beings cannot escape the Universal Law of degradation either. This applies to all areas of human life past and present and it will be the same for all those of the future. Any system abandoned to itself deteriorates over time, be it religious, political, economic, social, mineral, vegetable, animal, human… The body of a human being inevitably perishes as and when time flowing. Its organs and various constituents wear out, degrade and eventually die, taking the whole body with them. Even the most beautiful car will lose its paint, then rust. Its solid iron body will be gradually and irreversibly transformed into reddish dust, spread on the ground in a shapeless and disorganized mass, or carried away by the wind. Time does its work.

But then? Is Creation itself a kind of abomination? Why all this destruction planned from the start? Well, there is another equally implacable universal law: the Law of Action and Reaction, as we saw in the article “Why the NWO weakens us?”. So, if the forces acting on the matter end up totally disorganizing it by the law of degradation, they also automatically produce reactive forces which, on the contrary, push towards the organization. It is these forces that are the vectors of all human creations. However, since they are organizers and function in contrast to the Law of Entropy, they cannot be material or directly concern the subject. What are they then? Suspense… These are the forces of Life, inspired by the Creative Source itself!

Yes, but then? Another “but”! Why the existence of such forces of Life, constantly creating new material forms, new living creatures, new concrete organizations, new human civilizations, new ideologies, new religions, new political movements … to then see them degrading inevitably over time? Well, there is a goal to all this, there is a Goal to the Universe itself. This goal is born of the interaction between Life and Form, between life and material creatures. His name is Conscience! It is as well self-awareness, awareness of being, consciousness of others, awareness of being conscious … as awareness of good and evil.

The “Good” and the “Evil”? That would still exist, apart from human conceptions and religions? Well, possibly “yes”. According to the point of view presented in this article, the “good” is what goes in the direction of the design of the Creative Source, and therefore of the appearance and expansion of Consciousness through the multiple created forms, under the impulse of the Spirit of Life. While the “Evil” is what opposes this design or that simply slows it down, by pride, by fear, by inertia…

Living beings who have sufficiently developed their consciousness to create with responsibility (taking into account the consequences of their actions) are free and arbiters of their choice, especially that between “good” and “evil”. These choices automatically lead to consequences, according to another universal law, that of causes and effects. Other beings, those who have not sufficiently awakened their consciousness, are simply particles swept into the great river of cosmic life or tossed by the winds. They have no latitude over their destiny. For them, free will does not exist yet. They have only one real choice: to continue sleeping or to wake up.

The law of degradation works in conjunction with that of Life to engender Consciousness in and through the Universe. Everyone is free to believe or study this or to regard it as nonsense. This may be true (or a relatively good translation of the Real) or perhaps false (without much connection to the Real or completely illusory).

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