The Future School

Modern school and “educational” systems have largely proved failure in many ways. In almost all countries (including those in the West), we see a growing proportion of students leaving prematurely school or university. At the same time, teachers are experiencing an increase in burnouts, depressions and suicides. And schools with state-of-the-art technology are not necessarily the most spared. There are various causes for this, depending on nations and cultures. However, it is likely that these causes come from a decrease in the moral consciousness to the detriment of a strong increase of the stimulation of desire.

For simplicity, the loss of values ​​and consciousness that religions gave are not replaced by science nor by the dogmas of secularism. On the other hand, in the name of personal liberty, marketing, advertising and the Hollywood industry have promoted and continue to promote the satisfaction of personal desires. It should come as no surprise that after two or three generations having undergone a proper brainwashing to extirpate the consciousness, teachers and parents now face increasing and almost universal disrespect for rules and laws (religious, political, social, educational, economic or of any other nature). And such disrespect, of course, goes hand in hand with the one towards promoters or followers of rules: teachers, directors, politicians, technocrats, and officials … Because the only rule that counts for the great mass of our young is the satisfaction of desire, physical or emotional.

Since the nature of desire is never completely satisfied, the younger generations embark on a frantic race in search of more and more extreme, irrational and irresponsible feelings and emotions to try to fill this desire. However, this one is a bottomless pit and, like the barrel of the Danaides, it can never be fully filled. Even drugs and extreme sports bring only ephemeral satisfaction. Faced with such an existential emptiness, many young people end up committing suicide or self-destruct in one way or another. The few children and teenagers who are not so deceived by such a decadent flow are those whom family has provided solid foundations, simultaneously intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual. Do such families still exist when the norm is that of ones destroyed by divorce or recomposed?

Are modern school systems (which aim to build good citizens or good workers to meet the needs of administrations, bosses or multinationals) able to overcome their current stalemate and to renovate the school? Or do we have to go back? Or is it possible to find a new way? In fact, we usually get out of a stalemate by turning around or backing up. But today’s youth is no longer that of fifty years or a century ago. So even trying to repair the damage is probably also doomed. The only solution is to look for something completely new. To this end, it is necessary to review and rethink the foundations of the school as a potential training or educational complementary to the family unit.

The younger generations have tasted too much freedom for a coercive system to do anything but destroy them. Consequently, the future school will have to take into account this pronounced taste and become itself an area of ​​freedom. It should not be mandatory anymore, but optional. And this is already a revolution in the face of today’s education systems. In addition, to repair the damage caused by brainwashing guided by economics and finance, this school will have to find a way to replace the raw desire with something else that can be filled. Now, desire can be transmuted or exceeded only by the will. However, the will is not something powerful enough for the vast majority of human beings, especially in their young age, to be able to overcome alone the strength of desire. There is then little choice but to stimulate this desire in new directions and to add safeguards to it this time. These are the reason (proper to the mind) and the moral consciousness (from the spiritual essence).

If reason can very well be stimulated in a “school,” the consciousness gains to be born or to be strengthened within the family. And if it is innate, it must not be extinguished by the school or by any supposedly “educational” system. Reason must then only serve the consciousness, but not replace it. The school must become an optional complement of the family, but especially not a mandatory suppletive without which adult life would not be possible.

With modern technological means, especially in computer science, each future school can easily become a knowledge base of all kinds at the disposal of the youngest, adolescents and young adults who have not yet entered the social or professional life. It might include books on paper, electronic documents, videos on different media, etc. in addition to more practical educational and play materials and even accessories specific to sport and to the different physical disciplines. The future school will thus be able to stimulate the physical, emotional and mental development of young people, without undermining the spiritual and consciousness gains. There will be no need to provide lectures in front of passive students, but workshops, brainstorming sessions, training, questioning, and fun learning or at least stimulating curiosity and thirst for learning. Thus, young people will want to go to school on their own. As for vocational training, it can be provided on the spot itself of the future profession envisaged, in the form of sponsorship or in the image of the master-apprentice relationship that was common in other times.


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