The Future Is Created Now

The Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Action and Reaction (see Why the NWO Weakens Us?) Indicate in particular that what we do at a given moment always leads to consequences of one order or another. And what we “do” can be as concrete action as thinking, imagining, loving … or hating. Our current choices regarding actions, emotions, feelings and thoughts therefore always have consequences for what will happen in the future (near or far). Knowing more about the mechanisms involved will enable us to prepare a better future.

Our actions are carried out thanks to forces that are more or less directed, focused, controlled or mastered. These forces can be in particular

  • muscular (by our own muscles or by those of domesticated animals);
  • mechanical (by the use of machines);
  • psychological or psychic (such as strength of character, willpower, concentration, determination, perseverance, intelligence …);
  • spiritual (such as consciousness, righteousness, self-denial, the capacity for forgiveness, altruism, compassion …).

If these forces are not directed by ourselves in all awareness, they can be controlled by others, by those whom we let then manipulate us. The more we open our minds and hearts to the realities of the world, to our own inner reality and to that of other living beings, the more we become aware of energies putting these forces in motion or action. These energies can be

  • physical (electricity, magnetism, heat, vitality …);
  • emotional (desire, fear, ideology, devotion, hate, affection …);
  • mental (ideas and egregores);
  • spiritual (intelligence, love and will).

The more we wake up, the more consciously we perceive the different energies that pass through us (especially emotions and thoughts) and the more we are able to govern them (taming, controlling, channeling …) instead of letting ourselves be dominated or manipulated by them. These energies are no longer like wild animals, but domesticated. We derive the best benefit for ourselves and for others. As they are no longer dispersed to act in all directions or in a contradictory or chaotic manner, they become more effective. We know better how to dose them to feed the forces optimally. In other words, the more we become awake, the less we need to spend energy in the present to get the best result in the future.

The growing awakening of a human being makes him progressively master of the creative process. He starts from the spiritual and archetypes planes where he draws the seed, the initial impulse, the divine stimulation. It then passes through the mind where the germ is metamorphosed into a formulated idea or a visualized plan. Then it is colored with certain emotions to become attractive according to the intended objective. Finally, it requires a certain amount of vitality or investment for the realization of the plan or the manifestation of the idea in the matter.

A human being still sleepy can still create. However, it does not use the entire creative process, for the source is not spiritual, but the world of desires or ideologies. And these last ones can be oriented and manipulated by others from the plane of ideas. In other words, when human beings are not yet awake, their creative power is used by others. And for centuries and centuries, these others are the occult elites of the world. These have used the creative power of sleeping humans, often pejoratively referred to as “sheep”, to materially enrich themselves at their expense. Why did not they create their own wealth? Because they are cut off from the plane of the Consciousness, and therefore from those of the archetypes, and because alone, they could not obtain as much comfort, wealth and material power. And above all, they know how to destroy, but not to build. To create their New World Order, they depend on non-psychopathic human beings.

The sociopathic elites have used human creative power to create a material world in their image, and thus disconnected from the divine and the sacred. In doing so, they drag the “sheep” in their wake, causing them to gradually cut from their consciousness and losing their creative power at the same time to the benefit of violence and destruction. The psychopathic elites have a parasitic and predatory behavior. If humans do not wake up massively, they will have to live slaves or cattle in the worst dystopia, that of the completed New World Order.

Two elements will nevertheless contribute to the failure of the elite plan. The first is the creative power of humans already awake. This power is primarily used by them in terms of events, even if they can also create machines as well as works of art. They create above all synchronicities and openings. They favor the creation of the post-New World Order and help shorten this particular hierarchical “Order”.

The second element is of a cosmic order. It produces changes in the solar system and in the functioning of the Sun itself. These changes in turn affect the Earth and people, because everything is connected. It is possible that they accelerate more or less greatly the awakening of human beings and thus their access to a New World, a New Earth. They can be compared to a big slap or a cold shower. It can shake, but it wakes up!

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