The Enslavement of Peoples Through the Control of Resources

The total enslavement of an individual or a human group cannot be done as long as this one has free access to the resources he needs to fulfill his corresponding needs (see Note on the Collapse of Civilizations). Since some of the needs are more vital than others, controlling the corresponding resources is particularly important and a priority. Those who seek to enslave give priority to monopolize them. And those who seek to preserve their freedom gain to keep them or to discover equivalents. History can be read as a long struggle between, on the one hand, elites eager to control their space and the humans and other living things that are included in it and, on the other hand, human beings who aspired essentially to a simple and free life.

In general, even though there may have been exceptions, the fundamental reason for these elites seeking control came from their sociopathic or psychopathic nature, due to a more or less dramatic lack of connection to their deep being or to their “soul”. This usually results in absence of empathy, fear of death, more or less extreme materialism, lack of morality and of awareness of good and evil … As a result, these particular human beings tended and still tend today to favor resources that seemed to them the most important according to the priority of their needs.

Being strongly marked by the fear of death (even if it can be strongly denied, internalized or masked by various artifices), the needs expressed primarily by these elites are directly related to physical survival. So, they are looking for:

  • food resources (animal and plant, agricultural land, hunting grounds …);
  • resources for protection against extreme weather (especially against cold and floods) and natural disasters, including energy sources and materials such as wood and stone for shelter;
  • those to defend against other individuals (weapons, fortifications … produced from metals and other mineral resources).

The basic resources corresponding to such needs are therefore the mineral, vegetable, animal, material, energy or territorial (since a field can include ores, plants, various animals and sources of energy such as water – for hydroelectricity -, oil or coal). Many wars today revolve largely around the pursuit of control of mineral, oil and gas reserves, but also in some cases access to water, even if the reasons given are often quite different, such as pretended humanitarian reasons or to bring “democracy” to people who did not ask for so much.

Note that for millennia, these elites have also invented and used a fictional resource, money, even if at the beginning it had taken the form of mineral chips (gold, silver or bronze coins). As they were far from knowing, experimenting and understanding the interest of purely gratuitous acts, they invented money to exchange resources among themselves. They found that it could be more interesting than always waging war to capture the resources of competitors. Conflicts could indeed lead to too much destruction or the depletion of certain material resources which, moreover, seemed to them indispensable. They also discovered that it could be easier to steal.

From then on, the money was also assimilated to a resource that was interesting to control in order to easily obtain the other forms of resources. As a tool or intermediary facilitating other acquisitions, money also gradually became a necessity. For elites aspiring to suck the goods and material wealth of other human beings, using money could make things much easier. And from the day they invented the loan of money against a repayment with more or less exorbitant interests, they could even materially enrich themselves without doing anything else than to lend this money.

Modern banking systems have pushed refinements to the extreme. When a private individual borrows, for example, one hundred thousand dollars from a bank, the banker merely opens a line of credit and enters this amount, even if the bank does not have this sum in his coffers in tangible counterparts. (For example, in gold coins). Basically, he lends wind or emptiness, just figures reported through software. It’s modern magic. The most formidable of this magic is the ability of the bank to turn this wind into concrete material. It is sufficient that the borrower can no longer repay the interest for the banker to seize the house of the “individual” and then to use the auction to recover one hundred and twenty thousand or even two hundred thousand dollars, the amount of the original loan plus interest on the period considered. To summarize, the banker lends wind and recovers in return a house that can then be sold to buy something else much solid than the wind, like a gold bar.

After this long parenthesis concerning financial resources, let’s return to the main point. To increase their hold on the material and to compensate for their fundamental fear of death, the elites have gradually managed to take over a large part of the energy, material and financial resources. However, to enslave humanity in order to prevent it from nibbling its control, the elitist caste also had to take into account other types of resources. It had to control the procreative, creative, psychological, psychic, mental and spiritual resources.

In the area of procreation, resources are being controlled by the combination of different processes that have been going on for at least half a century. Sexuality is now almost completely separated from procreation, through the use of artificial procreation and contraceptive means. Moreover, with the increase of infertility, it comes out more and more of the natural prerogative of couples. On the contrary, it enters more and more into that of genetic technology that makes ordinary people think of things such as the choice of the physical and intellectual characteristics of their children. And this technology is, of course, controlled by the elite.

In terms of creation, especially in the arts, computer technology tends to take the lead over other means and is increasingly expressed in the making of films. The more sophisticated the resources are, the more expensive they are and the less accessible they are to the common gentleman and lady. Here too, the elites are increasingly taking over control.

Psychologically, pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry have gradually taken control of the corresponding resources. Individuals who deviate from the “normal” model or from the single thought are labeled with various syndromes or particular mental illnesses or are stunned by antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, anxiolytics or other drugs.

On the mental plane, the educational systems and the dominant media have been responsible for programing the spirits in such a way that they more easily accept their enslavement. They are essentially empowered to provide good “citizens” consumers respectful of the rules imposed by the elites. To deviate from the unique thought is rather frowned upon. We then quickly become “conspiracy” theorist. The common man, of course, has nothing to say in how his children are “educated” in primary school when it is not in kindergarten. And the media themselves are possessed by a few handfuls of elite members.

Regarding the spiritual domain, all that the elites can do is to go after the established religions. They can infiltrate or corrupt them, but can they control the spirituality and consciousness of an individual? These exist independently of religions and beliefs. They come from the depth of being. The spiritual needs of a human being can be filled by the mere fact of diving into oneself to connect with one’s essence. There is no need for religious intermediaries to do this, even if the major religions can facilitate this work or exercise when we can perceive something other than the surface and to the letter. The Spirit of Man is his true freedom and what all else can come from. It is inaccessible to the elites out of their own Spirit if one day they manage to reconnect with it.

Even if the elites will be able to control even more resources, the most essential remains inaccessible to them outside themselves. And it is through this that their attempt to control material life will fail. The New World Order will fail. The spiritual essence is free, by nature, and uncontrollable. All that this “order” inevitably brings is the growth of human consciousness to the point of conceiving, perceiving and understanding itself as a single organism and no longer as a group of individuals who feel compelled to tearing each other apart for the feeling of living. The more the materialistic and constraining pressure of the elite becomes manifest, the more human beings will come to turn to their essential resource, their inner and spiritual dimension, the one by which they will recognize all others as their brothers and sisters, but no more like strangers. Even the elites are ultimately part of it, if they accept it instead of seeing themselves as exceptions, as exceptional beings whose destiny would be to dominate.

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