The Collapse of Materialistic Science

Modern science emerged approximately at the time of the French Revolution, more than two centuries ago. Since then, Humanity has embarked on a race for technological “progress” which is directly derived from it and which remains closely associated with it. A quick overview will determine whether the exponential scientific and technological progress has or has not improved human and global conditions. And if despite the time and the resources (especially financial) invested, the balance sheet remains rather unfavorable as much to human beings as to other living beings and as to the planet itself, maybe it will be necessary to consider the bankruptcy or the collapse of our eminently materialistic science, this to allow us to move on

Modern science, more and more fragmented into heterogeneous disciplines and highly specialized fields, has moved away from a synthetic and holistic vision such as that practiced by ancient scholars. For the latter, the study of the stars was not necessarily separable from those of mathematics, earth, living beings and even philosophy. We have arrived at a paradoxical point where, for example, to study tiny particles smaller than atoms, we have not found anything better than to build gigantic particle accelerators several kilometers in diameter! At the same time, the moral conscience seems to have deserted more and more the scientific circles, which explains in particular the increasing ease with which our current champions of the science are bought and corrupted by the politics and the finance and do not see any more any inconveniences to smuggle their “studies” to achieve the desired results

However, corruption has not yet managed to universalize and we owe this to a few real scientists for whom science should not be exercised without conscience. The trouble for them is that, in general, the more they oppose these practices, which have little to do with the true scientific spirit, the more they “shot” in one way or another : denigrated, expelled, transferred, ostracized, or even sometimes outright “killed by suicide”. If their discoveries oppose single thought or the interests of business and multinationals, they are often ignored or ridiculed. If they are unassailable, because the results are so obvious, it is the researchers themselves who are attacked. Their reputation can be demolished by a totally fabricated scandal, sexually or otherwise. And by amalgam, their discoveries then fall more easily by the wayside

Science without conscience does not escape one of its discoveries: the law of entropy (See also: The law of degradation or increase of disorder and chaos). The more it advances in time towards its materialistic ideal of infinite progress, the more it deteriorates and tends to produce rotten fruits. Speaking of fruits, the examination of his prowess can begin with those concerning the natural environment. What about this particular plan? Well, science has managed to invent thousands of poisons of different natures, capable of killing not only insects, but also animals, plants and humans, this of course in different ways, from the slower ones (causing suffering and death by a thousand cuts) to the most expeditious (particularly appreciated by the military and by espionage agencies).

It also discovered fertilizers whose long-term effects, combined with plowing, range from soil depletion to desertification. It has isolated radium and other radioactive elements and eventually allowed the creation of power plants and then bombs and other nuclear weapons whose waste contaminate the soil for millions of years. These wonderful inventions and their waste contribute to a more or less radical deterioration of the genetic code of the various living species

The survey would be clearly biased if one did not recognize in each field the few advantages brought by materialistic science. On the special level of nature, this science has nevertheless allowed in particular the following benefits: uh … Wait! We are looking for … More seriously: yes, there have been some good effects, it seems, such as the ability to analyze chemical imbalances in soils as well as in plants, animals and humans. The problem is, however, that these imbalances are all too often the consequence of a modern scientific or technological approach that is far removed from considerations of moral conscience. Modern science has also copied many medicinal molecules that were already in nature. It also found products capable of cleaning or purifying the dirt it was ultimately responsible for. There remains for it to discover how to radically eliminate nuclear waste other than by slipping it just under the carpet. It will also have to find a way to eliminate the thousands of billions of micro and nano plastic particles polluting all the seas of the globe. We must still recognize the merit of still many researchers who seek to repair the pieces broken by the science itself or by its daughter technology

On the more specific aspect of health, especially that of human beings, if penicillin and other antibiotics have been able to kill supposedly bad bacteria responsible for more or less deadly diseases, they have also jointly killed the good belonging to the gut microbiota and rendered resistant “bad” bacteria. This ultimately contributed to more or less drastically offsetting the physical state of both hosts and their microscopic guests. Even if initially the scientific discoveries seem particularly beneficial at least in the short term, they almost inevitably generate more or less disastrous consequences in the long term. Or they have negative side effects in the short one. This is particularly the case for medical discoveries against cancers. Chemotherapy seems to do at least as much damage as the latter

Regarding the fight against cancer, if immunotherapy seems more promising and less harmful, there remains to know its effects in the medium and long term. Regarding the current balance sheet, research in this field is a bottomless financial pitfall that does not prevent growth of the otherwise virtually exponential number of cancers and of the individuals who are sick. And the cause is far from being a matter of increasing longevity, because in a century, it has at most only doubled in some countries, while at the same time, the number of cancer patients has been multiplied by one hundred or by thousands. In addition, young children are themselves affected. We come to a point where one out of every two people can now expect to die of cancer, despite all the discoveries and all the means deployed against this scourge

Budgetary, financial or political imperatives rarely leave time for science to launch long-term research that is the only way to provide reliable and meaningful answers in most fields, including medicine. Most technological inventions are put on the market without any serious study in terms of potential negative effects on health and the environment. What is important is the immediate gain: how much does it earn financially, politically, economically or even socially (for example as a means of crowd control)? The fresh case of 5G is a very representative example. Some scientists with a conscience have sounded the alarm bell. But their voice is lost in the desert. And most people who still manage to hear it do not want to listen to it. They prefer to hear the sirens of comfortable technology and materialistic science.

At a time when man is launching probes and rockets into space, where submarines are exploring the abyss, where nanobots can wander through the capillaries, where we speak and see each other almost instantly from one end of the continent to the other, where ancient feats of magic or gods have been achieved …, at the same time, millions of living species have been destroyed, land polluted on hectares, hundreds of millions of human beings have been killed in a century, whole regions irradiated, and so on. More and more people are medicated, sick, neurotic, unbalanced, suicidal and / or depressed. More and more rare diseases are discovered (or sometimes invented), until finally counting on the fingers of one hand the number of healthy individuals of body and spirit in any of the countries. Materialistic science has a record that can easily be described as disastrous. His main achievements have mainly concerned physical comfort. But together, it has largely contributed to keeping human beings away from their moral consciousness and divine essence. “Science without conscience is only ruin of the soul,” said Rabelais. How many human beings understand this

If materialistic science is in a state of failure and collapse, humanity will eventually replace it and move on. The latter will probably lose in material comfort what it will gain on other plans. It will have no other alternative to recover its health and that of the planet. One can get lost in guesswork about what the granddaughter of today’s science will be. The human imagination can nevertheless have fun to consider it. The future may see the emergence of a new science, based this time on the soul and not on the matter. The universal telepathy between human beings would be one of the consequences. Lying, treason, hypocrisy … would no longer be possible. Robberies and thieves would no longer exist. The few psychopaths would be treated automatically by fusion of souls. Etc

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