The Bureaucracy Against Freedom

Our modern societies have gradually developed an increasingly burdensome and omnipresent bureaucracy. It now manages almost every aspect of our lives and has significantly diminished our freedom of movement and action. It has such a hold and such a presence that it seems natural to many people. These are born with it and will die with it, prisoners of its regulations from one end to the other of their life. Those who break these often earn nothing other than prison or heavy fines. To find a true freedom, we will, however, have to learn how to do without it.


Even before the birth of a child, parents generally feel obliged to rely on hospital bureaucracy for ultrasounds and other tests, the results of which must then be recorded. Even if by chance, they break away from this stage, they will have to obtain the toddler’s birth certificate. Then, they will have to register him in a nursery, or in a nursery school … But before that and without the least discussion, they will have to vaccinate him to behave as good model parents and, of course, to write this in a vaccination booklet .

To transport it by car, they will have to buy a standard baby seat, install it in the back, etc., and, of course, respect all the rules of the road, which includes having a driving license in due form. If they have a dog or a cat to amuse the child, they will have to vaccinate it too, suck or tattoo it and tie him on a leash. By the time they also have to tie the toddler a day, there is not far.

After many other registrations and administrative procedures throughout the schooling, there comes the stage of the world of jobs. It involves as much paperwork and formalities, sometimes also bedridden [in French, pun with “formalities”], when the victims of this system fall ill or burnout. You need an identity card to move freely (?) In the country, a passport to go to study or travel abroad, a building permit to build a house (or a hut if you cannot afford it), a permit to demolish to remove the shack or the previous house, a permit to uproot the trees if the one in front of the house disturbs the view or threatens to fall on the roof of the garage, a license to dig a well, etc.

At the very end of the grandfather’s life, you will have to obtain his burial permit and complete all the steps for the inheritance, even when he has lost everything at the casino. No one is supposed to ignore the law, it is said, but who knows the totality of the tens of thousands of laws, rules and regulations that manage every aspect of our lives? By dint of abandoning our individual responsibility to the government, this one took the opportunity to control us from A to Z. While we should have been mature enough to arrange with our neighbors to settle the case of hedges, stray animals , garbage disposal, etc. We preferred to delegate these matters to others, and therefore to administrations that have become increasingly complicated, cumbersome and parasitic.

Were the serfs of the medieval lords less free, but more enslaved than we are? Not sure at all! Anyway, if we want to find a freedom more and more lost in the republican swamps that have become worse than those of the previous kingdoms, we will have to take back our responsibilities. The rights and duties of a free individual can depend only on his conscience, but in no way on institutions administering them for him after having skillfully smothered the latter.

What would a world without administrations be? Well, to begin with, there would be no more notaries, bailiffs, prosecutors, tax inspectors, commissioners, and so on. Many professions in the tertiary sector would disappear. The corresponding workers could then move towards more creative and fulfilling activities. Disputes and possible conflicts between neighbors would be settled directly or through mutually sought and accepted conciliators. People would no longer rely on laws, but on common sense and conscience. What do we prefer? Continue or increase the bureaucratic hold? Or abandon it totally, even if we plunge into the unknown?

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