The present epoch appears more and more disturbed in its foundations as in the events lived individually and collectively. This leads in particular to a growing concern for the two following notions: that of the collapse of civilizations and that of survival during such a collapse. It remains to determine the cause of such a disorder and the interest of such concerns.

For at least two centuries, and especially since the French Revolution, the moral and religious foundations of Western civilization have been progressively reduced to a trickle. If traditional religious dogmas have been more or less pulverized, they have been replaced by those of Freemasonry and secularism widely promoted by the latter. At the same time, morality has been replaced by ethics. The first was divine inspiration, even if the Law of degradation has passed through and was quite widely colored or corrupted by various beliefs more or less dogmatic. The second is of essentially human source, each society or group manufacturing its own ethical rules according to what suits it (often to the detriment of others).

Whereas before, some major revealed religions and their few schismatic currents competed for the primacy of moral values, ethics has been dispersed into thousands of interpretations of “good” and “evil.” It has proportionately increased confusion and conflict. In particular, there has never been such a quantity and proportion of violent deaths (by war and crime) as it has been for a century.

In parallel with this socio-cultural evolution, scientific and technological “progress” has led human beings to draw more and more from planetary resources. Today we come to the point where some are already exhausted while others will soon be. And the lack of resources in relation to the corresponding needs is the main cause of the collapse of civilizations (see the Note on the Collapse of Civilizations). More and more people are realizing at least some of these potentially dramatic gaps. And the more materialistic they are, the more it disturbs or frightens them.

The large waves of immigration stimulated by the globalist elite add to the instability provoked by the two others mentioned factors. They cause many to fear an accelerated collapse of civilization. One consequence of this growing chaos is the increasing concern, in all social classes, for material survival and for courses, seminars and books on this “survival”. This is of vital interest to fundamentally materialistic and atheistic individuals. For them, there is no survival of consciousness to physical death. And they fear this one more than anything. Yet it is so far unavoidable. To follow or not survival classes will not change anything. Preparing for the total collapse of our civilization will not change anything either.

Beside those human beings who seem to fear death, there are some who believe, feel or know that the consciousness is immortal. These then have no great interest in worrying about material survival. For them, physical death is only one step in the path of consciousness. It will take them when the time comes, whether or not they have previously been buried in anti-atomic shelters. Why would they waste their time trying to avoid death, at the risk of not really “living”, but only surviving?

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