Stop Feeding the Beast

The Beast, aka the System in which we live, feeds on our excessive consumption, our emotional outbursts, our desires, our fears and our divisions and conflicts. It has survived globally for centuries or even millennia thanks to our ignorance. Many of us are even unaware of our existence, unaware of living in an unnatural, artificial system. Yet, if we ever have to live on a truly new world, renovated, regenerated, healed, in good health … we will have to let the Beast die of hunger. And for that we must stop feeding it permanently.

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Here is a sample of actions that can be taken individually and collectively to stop feeding this system:

To stop our overconsumption and useless consumption from the point of view of the human and planetary health:

  • no longer drink alcohol;
  • stop smoking tobacco;
  • stop taking drugs;
  • do not buy cell phones and recycle the cell phone (s) we may have (the function of a phone is to phone, play, text or go to the Internet. Cell phones, like Wi-Fi, rely on harmful technology. See here. Classic wired phones are not harmful to your health and are enough to phone. Use our memory to record the shopping list.);
  • do not have more than one modest TV (a low-end small screen is largely enough to wash the brain);
  • no longer buy drinks other than the only one essential for life, water (with no sugar, no additives and no flavorings);
  • no longer buy fruit or vegetable juices, but eat organic fruits and vegetables or those from your garden (when you can have one);
  • do not follow the fashions and buy only a reasonable amount of clothing and pairs of shoes (only to ensure a turnover);
  • do not buy more than one or two purses;
  • do not buy appliances such as electric can openers or electric juicers when you can very well get the same result by hand (the use of our muscles instead of buttons also allows us to save money by not going to gym or weight rooms);
  • do not use the car when our destination is less than one or two kilometers, but walk (this also avoids the gym);
  • prefer the bike to the car for distances of less than a few kilometers when road and weather conditions permit it;
  • do not buy vehicles like SUVs and other large vehicles (more polluting at construction – twice as much material, in use – more gasoline consumed, and more difficult to recycle) when a small vehicle fits perfectly the needs, especially for the current small families;
  • avoid buying sports clothes (especially for cycling) when we can very well practice the involved sports with everyday clothes;
  • do not buy products made in far-off foreign countries (by children or overexploited workers) when we can find better quality products made locally (which avoids the pollution caused by their transport by boat or plane);
  • do not buy industrially processed foods, but cook from basic products;
  • use for example baking soda or vinegar for most cleaning needs rather than industrial products stuffed with petrochemical products and more or less carcinogenic and toxic to health;
  • etc.

Stop dividing by ideological quarrels or points of detail as we aspire to live in a fairer, healthier and more peaceful world (bringing us closer together is more important than our differences).

Stop being afraid:

  • of losing our material comfort and material possessions;
  • of losing our financial or material security;
  • of losing our reputation;
  • of losing our job;
  • of losing our friends;
  • of dying ;
  • etc.

Stop following the big sports masses or the entertainment world, piled up like sheep in stadiums or huge auditoriums, because the energies generated are recovered and then used against us.

Stop granting power to psychopaths, including ceasing to vote for them.

Stop demonstrating with violence or anger and without clearly defined constructive purpose, otherwise this is recovered against us.

And if we have other ideas of the same kind, let’s share them, spread them, put them as quickly as possible into application.

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