Should We Fight The Astral?

Some esotericists have advocated the fight against manipulative or negative entities that are supposed to be in certain astral and / or mental spheres. Other individuals, sometimes the same ones, wanted to fight certain ideologies. Still others have tried to destroy the mirages or illusions of which they thought certain victims. Were these choices wise?

If harmful entities, whether human, reptilian or of another nature, populate certain parts of the subtle planes which are the astral (relative to the desires, emotions, sensations and ideologies) and the mind (relative to the concrete ideas and mental images and abstract concepts), should we fight them? Such entities, if they exist, feed on negative emotions, perverse desires and conflicts. By fighting them, we only reinforce them, in the same way that by fighting an ideology, we only provide it with energy. Why, could we ask ourselves?

The attention of a human being to an inert object or a living entity automatically directs to it some of its own energy. If the former is hardly affected because it is far too dense in relation to the subtlety of mental and psychic energies, the second, on the contrary, can use or feed on them. It is the same with regard to ideologies which, from a certain point of view, are also living entities, more or less autonomous. They are “egregores”, agglomerations of strongly colored thoughts with fanaticism, devotion or other idealizing emotions. To fight an ideology is to feed it by the attention that is then paid to it.

The only way to get rid of an ideology is to stop feeding it, and so to ignore it, by focusing on other planes of human life or by showing higher energies. In the same way, the only way not to undergo the manipulation of astral or mental entities, is not to pay any more attention to them and not to fear them in any way any more. And the best way could then be to rise in consciousness above the planes they inhabit. And this is possible with a spiritual orientation (in the sense of a connection to one’s higher self or to the divine), meditative or contemplative (to calm the mind and the emotional), even in everyday life, or especially in that life.

Mirages and illusions, for their part, are more or less strongly distorted perceptions of reality, as if we were observing it through filters instead of direct vision. These filters include those represented by certain beliefs and preconceived ideas. Modern psychology would also speak of cognitive biases. Should we fight these mirages, these illusions, these biases …? Do we fight an optical illusion? Or do we just learn to perceive it for what it is and to have fun?

Generally speaking, rather than fighting head-on a phenomenon or entity that we consider harmful, taking a step back is a more constructive attitude. Instead of destroying the adversary, we rather seek to build ourselves, to grow, to rise…

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