When Man was able to go around the Earth, he explored the continents to extract gold and wealth. When he was able to fly in the air, he abandoned his gods. Now he thinks he’s one of them and dreams of conquering space. His planet too small does not allow him the expected prosperity. Seven billion people cannot be rich. Enlist ten rats and a piece of cheese in a room. Will they share it? Lock up ten modern Homo sapiens in a room and a cell phone. Will they lend it? Will one of them try to feed on it? What may “prosperity” mean to them? Having each one a cell phone? Or to be able, in addition, to eat a piece of cheese?

For many human beings, it seems that Abundance is, above all, that of matter. They dream of owning castles, vineyards, yachts, sports cars, ranches or even slaves (possibly sexual ones) … and sometimes the whole world. Individuals and groups want “prosperity” for themselves, and rarely for others. But in a world with limited material resources, this type of prosperity also has its limits. Concrete abundance can only be partial and restricted. This is partly why some dreamers are planning to colonize other planets. Woe to the natives who would be there!

Other human beings envision, jointly or alternatively, a kind of prosperity, let say “genetic”: grow and multiply! they had been told. They tend to execute this themselves with zeal and become prosperous through their numerous descendants. Of course, they can only do this naturally if they are sexually complementary. Otherwise, they must resort to the famous “Technology” of scientific origin.

Do the ten Homo sapiens locked up above look for only these types of prosperity? At least one of them does not dream of escaping, for example? To discover abundantly other horizons, less limited countries? Does one of them seek to spread everywhere his art, the beauty of his songs, the harmony of his paintings, the happiness inspired by his voice or his message?

A simple poet, a beggar prophet, a king without a kingdom can flourish without limit among the nations, as long as their word raises souls to meet spirits and angels, as long as beings open their hearts to receive them there. Endless abundance is found only in destitution, humility and self-abnegation, in the renunciation of celebrity, worldly pomp, and the fortune of merchants.

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