Note on the Migratory Pact

The “Global Pact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” places great emphasis on the fact that migratory phenomena would be natural and go hand in hand with “globalization”. Is this the case? Can we be content with statements from worldly elites when they have already lied to us many times?

Human history tends to show that great migrations were natural phenomena only when they were caused by phenomena that were also natural. These could be periods of drought, severe winters, periods of glaciation, poor harvests, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc. However, the most recent migrations, especially those that are nowadays, are not at all natural. They are provoked by Man himself, or rather by some individuals who have placed themselves above the mass of human beings and pushed them to conflicts, wars, revolutions and other artificial destructive instabilities. The first part of the statement is therefore clearly wrong with regard to modern migration

What about the second part? Do current migrations go hand in hand with globalization? Yes indeed, because they are produced by the globalists, this to finalize their New World Order! These migrations produce, on the one hand, a social, cultural and political chaos sufficient to complete the destruction of nations in favor of super-state entities such as the European Union, entities that represent bricks or stages in the planning of the NWO . On the other hand, they favor the influx of very cheap labor from poor and often war-torn countries. And it is well known that when you shake a bottle of sparkling water initially quite calm (a nation in peace), the pressure goes up to become intolerable. The result is the leakage of the liquid in large streams (migratory movements outside shaken countries)

So, the second part is unfortunately true. Migration goes hand in hand with globalization. However, is it desirable? Who wants to live in the New World Order imposed by the elites without consulting the people? And who would prefer to live in an entirely New World that would have nothing to do with the current System

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