Note on the Breath of Humanity

Like an individual, Humanity “breathes”. It alternates phases of inspiration and expiration. As a collective organism, it does not breathe air, but consciousness. In a phase of inspiration, society is reborn, evolves, and organizes itself in more and more complex forms. Particularly inspired individuals and groups create masterpieces, some of which can span the centuries. The arts flourish. New resources are discovered. Communication networks are weaving. Religions are born and others are in full expansion. Consciousness turns in all directions and guides human achievements. The faith of human beings transcends their fears …

During the phases of expiration, societies collapse, “involute” and are generally subject to The law of degradation or increase of disorder and chaos (generalization of the law of entropy). The consciousness is mainly downward, towards materiality, towards materialism. The moral conscience is losing ground. The letter replaces the spirit. The shape and the surface are more important than the background. Material resources are lacking. Consciousness has been trapped by the magnetism of matter and can no longer be born out of the Matrix. The human being forgets his origins and is afraid of the future.

Schematically, we can translate the two phases of the breath of humanity as follows:

  • Inspiration = Evolution = Negentropy = Faith (in life …)
  • Expiration = Involution = Entropy = Fear (fear of death …)

Until now, humanity does not seem to have functioned as a single organism, but rather as a set of organs more or less disarticulated and without global coherence. As a result, some of his human groups were able to experience an inspiration phase while others expired. Nowadays, it has globally entered the expiration phase. It is therefore worldwide that it will inspire to continue to live and operate in a United Way.

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