Note on Femininity and Masculinity

The point of view presented here follows the essentialist line according to which essence or spirit precedes existence (in matter). Biological masculinity and femininity are then the consequence of archetypes or more subtle patterns. These are themselves derived from cosmic (or universal) principles or from the divine. Male essence is the cause of male biology. This then conditions the male behavior. In the same way, the feminine essence is the cause of the feminine biology. And this conditions the female behavior.

To apprehend the fundamental difference between these two initial essences or archetypes that are masculinity and femininity before incarnating in the biological, we can start from the Spirit himself in relation to his incarnation in the matter. It is usual to oppose the Spirit and the Matter whereas this one would be rather the periphery if one conceives this Spirit or the Creative Cause as One and universal (at the same time One and All). Matter is indeed part of this All. In this view, matter is like the surface of a sphere whereas the Spirit is the sphere in total, interior and center included. The duality is not that between Spirit and Matter, since the second is the surface of the first. It is rather between the outside and the inside of the creation, therefore between the Life manifested in the matter and the Consciousness which observes it (see also [in French] Genesis of the Three Major Rays). And these two polarities (Life and Consciousness) of a single reality aspire to find unity. They attract according to the law of attraction. Sexual attraction is a subsidiary consequence.

The masculine and feminine essences result from two fundamental movements due to the law of attraction: that which leaves from the center to go to the surface (or from the Consciousness or the center of the sphere towards the Life manifested on the surface of this same sphere ) and the other who on the contrary leaves the surface to reach the center. The movement of feminine essence is the first, the one that brings the Spirit (or the Consciousness) to incarnate itself in matter and to make physical life appear in it. On Earth, this life form is biological and organic, based on carbon. The Woman is the physical and biological form responsible for the incarnation of the spirit in the matter, by her matrix and under the effect of the male seed. From a material point of view, the feminine movement is comparable to the descent of the Holy Spirit in the matter where it manifests itself as a life or factor of animation. In a way, it is subject to gravitation or to the magnetic attraction of matter.

The second movement, that of masculine essence, results from the attraction of the surface toward the center or from the Life manifested on the surface towards the central Consciousness. From a material point of view, it starts from the manifested surface to rise to the Consciousness or to the cosmic Supermind. Man is the physical form that aspires to withdraw or abstract from Matter to rise to the more subtle spheres of Consciousness. Unlike the woman who engenders physical life, he may have the propensity to withdraw it, to abbreviate it, by the use of the sword. For him, this carnal life may be far less important than the spiritual or mystical life, or the post-mortem one.

The Woman receives the seed of Man as that of the Central Consciousness to incarnate it in a new manifested life, that of her child like that of the nest that she can create for him. She receives the seeds and grows them in fertile soil. In the opposite movement, Man and the central Consciousness produce the seed, are the initiators responsible as much for the appearance of manifested Life as for its withdrawal. The feminine movement divides unity into duality, then duality into materiality, like the initial cell that divides again and again until it engenders the body of the baby. Whereas the masculine movement tends to the withdrawal of materiality towards its fundamental dual nature of creator and destroyer, then towards the original unity. Thus, humans can destroy living beings and things as well as initiate processes that will bring new ones.

Given these foundations, it is easy to understand why, by nature, men are oriented as much towards war, revolutions, conflicts as towards the creation of new ideologies, new structures, new organizations, or towards invention, scientific discoveries, philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism … For their part, women are more predisposed to the education of children, decoration, physical and psychological care, the accumulation of resources to meet the needs of their offspring and the survival of the family environment.

However, an additional factor may complicate this pattern. It comes from the fact that each being is at the image of the All or Unity and therefore has in him or her the duality that aspires to reform his or her unity. In other words, every living being, whether biologically masculine, feminine or androgynous, also has in itself a masculine dimension and a feminine dimension. Each living being is a microcosm of the macrocosm, a parcel of the great universal fractal. Even incarnated to represent primarily the male dimension, he also includes a female part. And incarnated to represent primarily the feminine dimension, she also contains a masculine part.

Technology and the abandonment, to a large extent, of the moral conscience mean that more and more people are now failing to assume their biology and their fundamental role as incarnated consciousness. Stimulated for example by their desires or by the propaganda of those who gain to see the social chaos spread, they prefer to change sex or pretend not to have one that is determined by nature. It is their choice and if we want to promote understanding between human beings, we must respect it, even if it is not approved or shared. Note here that not approving a choice or a behavior does not mean to hate the person who makes this choice or adopts this behavior. On the contrary, we can feel a lot of love and compassion for this person. We can understand her or his suffering and what brought her or him to these choices and behaviors, even if we do not wish them for ourselves or for Humanity in general.

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