New Age Humanism vs. Christianity

Humanism New Age Christianity
Light = Knowledge (Gnosis) Light = Divine Love Unconditional
Human Rights Duties of Man (The 10 commandments +1 new)
Civil Morale Dependent on Circumstances Universal Moral Conscience
Have for god Lucifer, the bearer of light Have for god the Father or the Cause of creation (the “Word”)
Man in the center of the universe God omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent
Spiritual awakening by working on oneself Rescuing the soul by the love of God and Creation
Man becomes his own god Man is a son of god
Hedonism and the search for happiness on earth Search to enter the kingdom of heaven
Use of black magic and white magic Use of prayer
Need to reach a certain spiritual “level” to do good on earth Do good, out of love, without necessary preconditions
Elitism Kingdom of Heaven accessible to the humble and the poor
The only spiritual authority of Man is his soul Spiritual authority is the Father of Creation and have the soul of Man in charge
Seeking global unification under the aegis of a world government to bring peace Peace achieved through the universal manifestation of love
Waiting for the new world “instructor” or new “avatar” Waiting for Christ’s return after the coming of the Antichrist
Lucifer sacrificed himself to bring knowledge to Humanity Christ took on himself the sins of men to save their soul

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