Machines to play God

For only about two centuries, human have invented machines and instruments. These work with non-animal and non-human energies, whereas before he used his muscles or those of his domesticated animals. He has created more and more sophisticated machines, from the smallest, as small as microbes, to the most gigantic ones, such as particle accelerators that extend over a few tens of kilometers. With them, he managed to decode the microscopic genes of living beings, and to observe distant stars. He can sink deep into the oceans like fish, fly higher and faster than birds, and even go to the moon.

He now dreams of improving living races and colonizing other planets. He dreams of immortality and omnipotence. He plays God whom he has forgotten in a corner of the past. Does he have the insane pride of doing one day better than the latter? In its path to achieve this, it has eliminated much of the forest, animal and plant species, bringing the world to the brink of the sixth great extinction. He has polluted, desertified, degraded the Earth to such an extent that he is no longer certain that his descendants will be able to survive in two or three generations.

Having wanted for two centuries to become God himself, thanks to the machines he has created, is he anything but an immature child discovering his toys? Has he measured the consequences of his actions, the way he plays without taking into account the laws of nature and life? In his desperate quest for omnipotence, has he preserved his consciousness, the original purity of his mind? Does he still listen to the wisdom of his ancestors?

The answer to all these questions seems negative. However, if humanity wants to survive, it will certainly have to change radically its approach, to no longer be a slave of its machines, to recognize or rediscover the natural and cosmic laws, not those it reduces in equations, but those related to the consciousness, the respect for life and for the order of things …

Restoring order and harmony in his tangled emotions, lucidity in his thoughts, love in his gestures and creations, Man will heal his own evils (those of his body, of his emotional world, of his mind and of his soul), then those of his host, the Earth, with whom he will then live in synergy. He will keep only the most useful and the least harmful machines, in minimum number, so as not to reduce the planetary resources, to no longer atrophy his muscles, to no longer assault the air, the water, the fire and the earth…

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